IGN Gives 6.5/10 to MGS: Portable Ops+

Sure, it may be twenty dollars, but unless you're a hardcore Metal Gear Solid fan, you're not really gaining much with this lackluster expansion pack, which loses more than it gains. In fact, the title could've been handled better as a downloadable patch or update to the game file instead of a standalone that doesn't really improve on the formula. No story, unbalanced multiplayer and hampered recruiting mechanics all combine to make this a disappointing addition to one of the best games from last year.

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MK_Red4932d ago

It's a rather low score for an MGS game. Infact I don't remember any MGS game getting something below 8...

jackdoe4932d ago

The guy reviewed the game as a stand alone, instead of an expansion pack. He asked where the story was and was ignorant that it was merely an expansion/fan service game that is budget priced.

Bnet3434931d ago

I think they have to review all games high so MK Red can be happy ... But yes I agree kinda low for MGS game, and its true what the other guy said, story wtf .... its expansion.

solidboss4931d ago

f**k ign they r voice acting? did they even try to interrogate? f**k ign mgs ftw always