DVD Forum approves 51GB triple-layer HD DVD spec

Toshiba's been demoing a triple-layer hybrid HD DVD / DVD system for a couple years now, but it's been all unofficial until today, when the DVD Forum steering committee voted to approve the spec as part of the official HD DVD standard. The third 15GB layer bumps the total capacity of HD DVD up to 51GB, matching Blu-ray's 50GB disks. Of course, we wouldn't expect to see a flood of content on the new disks anytime soon, what with all those shiny new double-layer players getting sold right now, but it's interesting to see HD DVD step up in the one area Blu-ray was clearly superior. The stalemate continues!

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wil4hire4922d ago

So unlike the bluray players that were manufactured with the 100gb disc goal in mind..

You will have to buy a new HD-DVD player to support the 51gb vs firmware update for bluray players.


wAtdaFck4922d ago

Not trying to be rude, but can I get a link to your second statement?

TheXgamerLive4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Ya gotta stop believing all the sony lies my friend. Your doing it on most every post now.

fredy4922d ago

as if it makes a difference to you.

Hey if you declare HD-DVD dead then so be it. You should come out the rat hole after all is said and done.

Do know all that bought Stand alone Blu-Ray players are fn screwed since new features[HD-DVD already has] is coming to new gen BD players that are that will support ethernet ports..What do you say about

I still can't believe how sony got studies to support a hardware that is technically not yet finished or finalized, and lacking features.

Hey the war goes on..

ActionBastard4922d ago

Ethernet is the only transportation method for firmware? Don't be a fool. Firmware updates can and more than likely will reside on the disc with the movie.

akaFullMetal4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

here ea689

for your question to number two

and this

it seems like early adoptors wont be able to enjoy the new 51 gb discs

AuburnTiger4922d ago

Your link sports nothing but speculation, hopes and wishing. There is no answer for that second question.

fredy4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

The changes, agreed by the Blu-ray Association, mean that from October 31 all players should include full support for Blu-ray Java, the language high definition players use to control all menus, navigation and special features such as picture-in-picture (PIP).

Some of today's models can be upgraded through firmware both others lack the 256MB non-volatile memory needed to store the full program.

Additionally, players with an internet connection must have 1GB of memory for storing and buffering online content. The Playstation 3, which can be used as a Blu-ray player, doesn't currently support all aspects of Blu-ray Java, but its large hard disk should make it easy to upgrade.

No Blu-ray movies currently have PIP features, HD DVDs have had mandatory PIP support.

HD-DVD was finalized and was ready to go. BD was not.

enzobot244922d ago

Both Crank and The Descent have PIP.

Don't believe me? Look it up.

fredy4922d ago

"(neither are true profile 1.1 PiP)"

Look it up..

enzobot244922d ago

I'm well aware that they aren't true PIP, just a separate film with a video box in the corner....

So what? It's still technically PIP. Wow, the end result is the same ( a box in the corner).... but I guess true PIP is better.

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hokis4ever4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Truthfully i have never been the best at math, but i can add/multiply. Can someone explain to me how this works?

15+15+15 = 45
or 15x3 = 45.

Where does the extra 6 gigs come from?

edit: before anyone gets defensive, it's an honest question...

LoydX-mas4922d ago

They have pushed the capacity of each layer to 17 gigs.
This is why the triple-layer Twin format will have 5 gigs of SD DVD and 34 gigs of HD-DVD.

hokis4ever4922d ago

Ahh, makes sense then 2.1! Thanks for the response!!!

blackmagic4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

The 3 layer 45 gig disc was finalized some time ago. The 1st gen players were not built to properly read the 3rd layer but it has never been stated whether 2nd or 3rd gen players are capable(they were designed and built after the 3 layer 45 gb standard was approved).

Edit: found the link with Jim Armour where he discusses the 3 layer 45gb being read on hardware. "Jim Armour, Toshiba: Yeah, I think second or third generation hardware - fine, but not first-generation products."

KINGDRAMA4922d ago

LOL. dont get your hopes up hddvd supporters.

All sony has to do is add a 3rd layer and bd will once again have more storage space...

then hddvd will drop a quad layer FOLLOWED BY A QUAD BD DISK ....once again making the bd disc superior


bym051d4922d ago

It's almost like the Gillette vs. Schick razor blade wars. 2 blades, then 3 blades, then 4 blades, and now 5 f'n blades...

hahahabutt4922d ago

Sony has been working hard to make a 100 gig disc but it seems that it is no where near possible yet, to much complications. When i find the source again I will post it. Toshiba and NEC already called them out on that one.

ActionBastard4922d ago

"DVD Forum approves 51GB triple-layer HD DVD spec"...and it still won't help.

ruibing4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

So it just managed to catch up to Blu Ray. In the meantime, Blu Ray has been focusing on 100GB quad-layer that is compatible players as well as cheap organic died Blu Ray recordable discs.

@Below - Where did you read that? From what I've read they simply allow for mass, low cost production of Blu Ray recordables. I've only read that current Blu Ray writers can't write to these unless they have a special firmware update.

LoydX-mas4922d ago

That only Blu-ray recorders and possibly the PS3 will be able to read these discs.

OmegaKulu4922d ago

who cares... its not going to be used in movies or gaming anytime soon.

jaja14344922d ago

Hmm the BR fanboys because well I have no idea why they would care but they do. And the HD fanboys because now when one of the said BR fanboys says "inferior" the HD guys can go "umm how"?

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