Microsoft Wants to Back Up Your Brain

Gizmodo: "Imagine being able to store every second of your life on a computer and then calling up digital snapshots of individual moments with a quick search. If Gordon Bell, the head of Microsoft's Media Presence Research Group has his way, this technology could become a reality. The idea behind MyLifeBits or "surrogate memory" as Bell has dubbed it, is that people should be concerned with living life, not "maintaining our memory systems.""

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Zhuk4931d ago

I would volunteer for this! sounds awesome

skillshot4930d ago

Remember: Never beta a Microsoft product, unless you want to be constantly slow and crash a lot.

ElementX4931d ago

It sounds like sh!t. Who wants to remember every mistake? Could people download your brain and use it as evidence with a court order, like a sopena? I've committed a minor offense 9 years ago and I don't want it on a computer anywhere!

JustCallMeDaddy4931d ago

It would be funny if it actually happens. Imagine you back up your whole life on a computer and then like your mom or whatever comes over to your house and watches a video of u jacking off, that would be funny.

But if you think about it, it would be good for crimes or something like that. They could just download the entire life of someone to a hardrive and find out what crimes that person has commited.

DeadIIIRed4930d ago

I was thinking the same thing, but other than that, I'm down for this.

jaja14344930d ago

Everyday as I sit in class listening to my various professors drone on about their respective subject I think "wouldn't it be cool if it was like the matrix where I could just download this course into my head".

I would just go off to school sit in a chair for a minute or two, get up and go "Ohh I know Differential Equations. And how to bake a killer pie!"
Yea that would be wonderful, just wonderful.

Skerj4930d ago

One BSOD and your ass is grass!!

Armyless4930d ago

Memory dump... did you remember to make a recovery disk? No? Sorry my friend you just voided your brain's warranty. Goodbye.

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The story is too old to be commented.