PSU Reaches Over 100 PS3 Themes

With the launch of the new Themes section on PSU yesterday, users have helped upload over 120 PlayStation 3 themes. Also today, PSU improved a few things adding the following updates:

1. Preview thumbs instead of resized images on overview page (faster loading)
2. Ability to provide theme designers name with upload
3. Faster upload speeds

In the next day or so users will find that the ability to download directly to their PS3 HDD from so that they can save the hassle of doing it through a flash drive.

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Bonsai12144360d ago

mmmm.... themes. i love customization, but i usually go for the "clean" look. i can't stand it if the theme is messy or overly complicated.

i customized the heck out of my laptop. <3 leopard.

Armyless4360d ago

I want the best ones and I can't wait to see what some of these creative people come up with.

Skemo4359d ago

Themes are pretty sweet, but would love to have an option to sort by most downloaded, rating (if they add it), etc;

Skerj4360d ago

Wow that's pretty quick, I'm glad the community is getting behind this. It doesn't seem like much at first but having your own themes make the XMB that much cooler.

ravinash4360d ago

Not bad....not bad at all.

dhammalama4360d ago

when games start coming with themes right on the bluray. Of course user generated one will always kick ass, but I'm sure some devs will include themes that will be good too.

Armyless4360d ago

Games (and some BluRay movies) will probably start shipping with Themes included on the disc.



tientch14359d ago

God of War 3 Theme

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