Sony Poised for Holiday Gains as PS3 Sales Double

"Sony's price cut was somewhat surprising because it was announced just a few months into the life cycle of the device, said JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg. Many gaming consoles have their prices slashed as the next platform is being readied, but that's not the case with the PS3, which will be the flagship of the Sony lineup for at least a couple more years.

The cuts also suggest a shift away from hard-core gamers as a target audience Over 800,000 High Quality Domains Available For Your Business. Click Here. and toward mainstream users. The Wii's popularity underscores the growth of so-called casual gamers, who are less likely to rush out and be the first to plunk down $500 or more for a gaming console and who are more interested in family friendly gaming titles than the adventure and battle games that have driven high-end console sales in the past". -technewsworld

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Zhuk4927d ago

This will increase PS3 sales, but it remains to be seen by how much it will increase.

By all accounts, the fact that Sony had to drop its console price by $200 in less than a year is a sign of how much of a disastrous launch the console has had.

You only have to see that Sony is being forced to react against the other consoles by slashing the price to see who is on the weak footing against the Wii and Xbox 360

lodossrage4927d ago

All that says is they have to come closer to their competitor's prices.

When the first ps3 price drop came, the sales numbers grew. Then what happened, a month later, microsoft drops the price of the 360 to react to the ps3's price being close to theirs.

The same thing happened with the second ps3 price drop. About a month and a half later, you saw microsoft drop the 360 price yet again.

Which overall tells you that microsoft realizes that they can't compete with the ps3 when the prices of both machines are close.

Go ahead and disagree all you want. Rant all you want. That's just my opinion.

BulletToothtony4927d ago

that even thou it might hurt your feelings.. the 360 had about the same sale numbers around the 1year lifetime with even a lower price tag.. and absolutely NO competition.. so there's something for you to go to bed and think about

tplarkin74927d ago

He's correct. The PS3 launch was a disaster in every way. It was so bad, that it looks grim for the future of PS3.

gamesblow4927d ago

But who cares? Consumers don't care about that, man. They care about price. The average consumer could give piss n' a cat dish how or why Sony goes about their daily business. Only forum jockeys on the internet do. And they are but few and far between to the actual consumers who drive the industry. I could care less how the other guys are doing... If it drives cost down, it's good for everyone who wanted a ps3 and couldn't afford one. You act like a price drop is a bad thing for you...

Xbox dropped price just 5 months after it hit, should we be reminded?

fredy4927d ago

that fact that the roles are reveresed so early, tells you something.

Sony got competition breathing down its neck.

Plus a new SKU is not a price cut. If they cut the 60 gig sku down to $399 now thats a price cut. will blu-ray movie watchers bite, probably so but without BC in there , I suspect some will wait for the 80-60 gig to come down.

-200 sku in 8 months is desperation and if that does not work , I wonder what is next, since ps3 fans are still not buying games. it software that make the money, continuing to drop 100 sku, your loosing lots of it, especially if they are not buying games but more movies.

Maybe that is the plan..

Skerj4927d ago

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. They dropped the price to appease the masses yet apparently it's a disastrous move? Sheesh this is getting old.

lodossrage4927d ago

It's that the media likes to use Sony as a fallguy at this current time.

So yeah, unfortunately it's damned if they do and damned if they don't because the media has already set in their subconcious that sony should be hated.

But the good news is that is starting to change. If you noticed, you are starting to find fewer and fewer negative stories about the ps3.

Bnet3434927d ago

Not surprising when you drop a consoles price by $100

jackdoe4927d ago

High quality domains available for your business? Looks like someone f'ed up the copy and paste.

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The story is too old to be commented.