First Mass Effect Scores: 8, 9, 9.2, 9.8, 10 out of 10

Metacritic just recently got their hands on the first group of Mass Effect scores from 5 reviewers so far.

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MK_Red4922d ago

WTF!? What is wrong with Hardcore Gamer mag? They gave 4.2/5 or something to BioShock and now 4/5 to Mass Effect!?

riqued4922d ago

In every great game on reviewer has to give a "bad" score, that just prove that reviews are nothing more than opinions.

MK_Red4922d ago

Very good point and comment. I honestly don't remember a game having 100% good reviews. Even Mario Galaxy had one negative that I saw on Joysitq and so did BioShock (8 from Edge and 8.4 or something from this mag).

Charlie26884922d ago

@MK_Red: maybe they are expressing their opinion? since that is what a review opinion

MK_Red4922d ago

I know it's an opinion but should reviewers think about general opinions?
I mean, I have a friend / co-worker who who hates GTA and gives them . Should magazine give him GTA4 for review!? NO. I don't like sports game so I never review Madden or Fifa because in my opinon they are hardly above 3-4/10.
This has happend before. Remember Eurogamer's NeverWinter Nights review that got 5/10 and reviewer talked trash about the game and RPG? I feel most of recent reviews are the same with Assassins getting 6.7 to 10 and now ME getting 8 to 10...

JsonHenry4922d ago

Since when is an "8" a bad score?!?!

Charlie26884922d ago

Actually there is a VERY heavy difference between obvious review bias in which the review is affected by the general predisposition to that type of game by the reviewer which does not occur that often but is very evident to see

and them we have that the game or simply didn't lived to the hype or was not for every one as CLEARLY demonstrated by Assassins Creed a game in which the majority of reviewers gave 7 and 8s compared to the 9 and 10s and unless that majority of reviewers are incredibly biased it looks like Assassins Creed didn't lived to the hype and/or was not for every one

Bnet3434922d ago

to a game that has been hyped AAA and GOTY

fredy4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

360 fans don't complain much about scores, we been there done that and have AAA titles to prove it not in just scores but sales.[look it up]

You PS3 gamers are little whinos, whine whine whine, about 10's, 9's, and 8's.

conspiracies and all mumbo jumbo that is made up to make you and your gangs feel better, as if there is some "fanboys against review sites, and MS owns them all" cause.

Go buy the fn game, see what you think and stfu.

Plenty that do whine, haven't even played the whole game or beaten it but goin g by what you think it should get from a fn DEMO. Just because your opinions are not stated and writtin in a professional manner like review site and mags, doesn't mean you have to start begging for perfect scores, for every game.

10' 9's and 8's are fine with me, once I've played the game I'll tell you what I really think. Right now games don't deserve this or that because you said so or other fanboys agreed; when they are the definition of bias in the first place.

This game is what you think of it, after you have played the damn thing and beaten it. Then, only you can compare to someone that have done that, as well as what they do for a profession and living.

MK tell me you got a PS3 yet?

Some of you should start your own review sites, then there be less whining since you'd give every games 10's for the console you like most, or only play.

MK_Red4922d ago

Well, that review is an opinon and I'm just expressing my opinion that the game doesn't look like an 8 to me.

As for PS3, nope. UT3 was delayed and so my PS3 purchase. Right now, I'm about to get Wii. Have to finish Zack & Wiki, a true classic.

dhammalama4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

I mean, it's not as if you can actually measure the beauty of something, or the numerical value of a storyline. Reviews are opinions. I think that in video game they have become much more prevalent recently. Probably the best thing to do is to go by one or two reviewers or sources that seem to mirror your opinions of games you've played. Or better yet, just try the games you want to try and avoid reviews altogether, but I guess that could get you burned.

It's strange, I don't know when I saw my first game reviews and started to care? Maybe with Halo: Combat Evolved. That game was the fVck best one of the trilogy, hands down. But now I see them all the time and they can completey destroy the anticipation I once felt for a game. It's sad actually, I think sometimes the anticipation you have for a title can be something that really helps you appreciate a title. (or set you up for disappointment)

I guess these good reviews will make MORE people excited, so that's good, I guess.

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snoop_dizzle4922d ago

aside from one score its really not bad, and considering that they did this before its no surprise. The ratings for this game seem pretty good nonetheless.

MK_Red4922d ago

Hope good ratings continue and we don't get another drama with some giving it 7s and others giving it 9s and 10s.
But hey, it's a BioWare game and they have proven themselves more than once.

snoop_dizzle4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

i just hope i don't play it so long that me 360 overheats. :P then agian i have played oblivion all night before on it without issues so i should be fine.

I really want to play this so bad now. But if i do get lucky and find it before the release date, that would be bad becasue i gotta finish some important stuff in college before the thanksgiving break starts :(

Zhuk4922d ago

Great reviews coming in for Mass Effect, I just got this game about an hour ago! can't wait to play it tonight after work.

@MK_Red I am not too concerned about the 8, reviews are always subjective and an 8 is still a really good score. By all accounts Mass Effect is easily a contender for GOTY, it's already guaranteed to be the best RPG this year!

MK_Red4922d ago

Agree, ME is definitly RPG of the year if not GOTY. 2007 is Mass Effect's but 2008 is all Fallout 3. Hope we get more info on Obsidian's Alien RPG game soon. If that one comes out in 2008, it would be more than fun to see a new game from Fallout 2 devs competing with Fallout 3 from new devs.

DeckUKold4922d ago

But FFT is RPG of the year, it was the best final fantasy ever made did any body play the update version yet? Its crazy

Kuest4922d ago

This is a MASS EFFECT thread- meaning, no one cares about FF, or whatever as of now. Maybe later, perhaps.

DeckUKold4922d ago

About the FFT:WOTL that recently came out it's not like i'm attacking it it's just my opinion.

The_Engineer4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

of the same crew that goes around trolling threads about PS3 games saying that since they didn't get 9.5's across the board they are not AAA??

I could say the same about Mass but then again I actually enjoy good games and don't care about silly review scores that suits hateful xbots at their convenience.

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sonarus4922d ago

i wanna play this game so bad

aba4922d ago


...Mass Effect FTW!

DeckUKold4922d ago

With expressing my opinion it's not like I'm bashing DAMN calm down that's why i lose bubbles