Sony Reacts To NPDs, Nintendo Declines, Microsoft Statement Incoming

Wired: "Immediately following the release of the NPD game industry sales data every month, we generally get some kind of commentary from the hardware makers on the numbers. Sony has forwarded on their official statement, which again reminds us that next month's numbers will be better off the strength of PlayStation 3's price cut."

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gamesblow4932d ago

I see they're confirming Haze and Unreal for christmas this year, but... is that really what Sony needs right now? More First person shooters? I don't think so. Diversity is key and FPS are played out. I'm personally fed up with them, myself. COD4 was amazing, Resistance is awesome... but lets take a break for awhile. Let these games simmier. Killzone 2 isn't even appealing to me now. Halo 3 lost its appeal real quick with me. I think Sony should've positioned themselves with more dynamic IP and not more of the same.

cmrbe4932d ago

Sony has only FPS. Does x360 have a platformer like RC. What about an action platformer adventure like Uncharted?. How about a card came like EOJ?. A highly regarded online only game like warhawk?. Haze and UT3 which should really help PS3 sales in the western market where it is not doing to well at the moment.Sony as i said before has everything covered this holiday season.

PimpHandHappy4932d ago

i wont buy Haze or Unreal because i am no where near done with COD4. I beat the single player once already and plan on beating it again.

i did just buy assissins creed and its kinda cool. Its a slow start and im only a hour in

With COD4 AC Uncharted Warhawk and Tekken5 im a happy gamer right now

snoop_dizzle4932d ago

I'm not so sure how haze will be. It will probably good, but it really hasn't been on my anticipated game list at all. I will probably buy unreal though.

wiizy4932d ago

sony should just give up.. they always have to keep spinning their low numbers into something positive thats not even there....great job nintendo and with mario out now..

BulletToothtony4932d ago

based on your comment i'm gonna let the factory know to stop making ps3's, you're right we were such fools by making a good quality product and making amazing games that you've never been able to experience, we're gonna let the 360 take over now..

jackdoe4932d ago

Why did Nintendo decline?

ActionBastard4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

It begins.

EDIT: Yes. Same as the 360. Or do you think the 360 sold 12 million in 1yr? C'mon McFly...

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The story is too old to be commented.