Street Fighter X Tekken On PlayStation 3 And Vita Will Share DLC

Siliconera: "Street Fighter X Tekken will have both free and paid DLC after the game is released. Speaking with games blog, Joystiq, producer, Yoshinori Ono, reveals that you’ll be able to use the same DLC you’ve bought and paid for on both PlayStation 3 and Vita, as long as you’re using the same PlayStation Network account for both devices."

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Quagmire4457d ago

But its still DLC. WHy cant they just put it into the games right now?

TitanUp4458d ago

thats actually pretty cool its like how i can use a friends computer with my steam account and have access to all my games. but in this case its dlc but still sony is taking all the right directions.

sony is making some good moves. i know its the developers choice to do this in the end but sony is the one that made it possible by making the psn more open.

this is the first time i have said something positive towards sony in a long time

tarbis4458d ago

So, how many expansions will SFxTK have?

colonel1794458d ago

Super SFXTK, Super SFxTK Turbo, Ultimate SFxTK, Super SFxTK Arcade Edition at least.

tiffac0084457d ago

Don't forget the SFxTK: Moe edition. You know its bound to come one of these days. j/k lol!

cochise3134458d ago

talking about dlc already huh? capcom never ceases to amaze.

UltimateIdiot9114458d ago

Can't spell Capcom without DLC.

Darth Stewie4458d ago

Yes you can EA and Activision.

Quagmire4457d ago


holy shit, you're right!


Street Fighter X Tekken - A Look Back at the Franchise's Biggest Misfire

With Street Fighter 6 now upon us, it's time to look back at some classic Street Fighter titles, beginning with Street Fighter X Tekken.

boing1177d ago

It was a cool gamble imo. In reality, everyone were waiting for Namco version, Tekken X Street Fighter.

Ryuha1234h177d ago

I don’t know. I enjoyed this game. I thought it was a great crossover.

TricksterArrow177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Yep, played very little of it, but from what I played, it was serviceable enough. Could've been better? Yes, but then again, you can say that about pretty much anything.

maniacmayhem177d ago

What killed this game was their planned reliance on GaaS with the whole gem system. It made little sense and made the game extremely unbalanced. Not to mention the unbalance of most of the characters, especially on the Tekken side

Sgt_Slaughter177d ago

Ahhh the game that Capcom had DLC on the disc on release yet you had to pay to unlock it


Street Fighter & Tekken - A Mash-Up Not Meant for Greatness

VGChartz's Daniel Parker: "Tekken and Street Fighter - two giants of the head-to-head fighting genre. A clashing of decades-old titans that was once thought to be a dream matchup that would never happen. It ignited a flame of excitement that quickly fizzled out and became a cautionary tale for game developers."

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bacrec11145d ago

The inclusion of gems ruined it from the start.


10 Games That are Best on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Thanks to the timing of the Vita’s release and its relative power compared to the home consoles at the time (PS3 & Xbox 360), it saw the benefit of a number of these late ports which have remained the ‘definitive’ versions to this day. It’s these games that I’m aiming to look at in this article – titles that are best on Vita by virtue of extra bells and whistles, tweaked controls, and content, or in some cases just a general feeling that Sony’s portable hardware is the most enjoyable way to play."

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Jimboms1455d ago

Ooh, Virtua Tennis 4 for the win!

telekineticmantis1455d ago

Gravity Rush, still great, but the screen aiming made it better on Vita