Bloomberg: Sony's 100k in sales included PS2

According to Bloomberg Japan, the recent statements by Sony that they had moved 100k units in the US in one week actually included PS2 sales.


The price cut and new model helped Sony increase sales of all consoles including the older PlayStation 2 to 100,000 units in the week ended Nov. 11, (Sony) spokeswoman Kimberly Otzman said in an e-mail.

Note by Kspraydad:

I've contacted the reporter and the email he received was in response to his writing Sony to ask for clarification of numbers quoted by AP. I've changed the title to remove the ? mark as it is no longer in question as to what Sony meant by the 100k.

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Itachi4927d ago

i think everyone in japan already has a ps2

fredy4927d ago

Sony lieing again....

What else is new...

Zhuk4927d ago

This is why I never believe anything Sony says, because they lie to their consumers and to the valued customers. I have bought every single Playstation system they have made yet stuff like this always leaves a dry taste in my mouth

Xbox is the BEST4927d ago

agree with you Zhuk. The Emotion Engine was hyped, Gamecube has better graphics. Don't lie to a paying customer.

Zhuk4927d ago

I agree friend, the Emotion Engine was one of the most overhyped pieces of garbage in gaming history. Sometimes I go back and read the tech specs on it released by Sony to have a good laugh because it's so ridiculous.

Anyways its good to see more people on this site telling it how it is, especially with the Sony fandroid infection we have here. Bubble for you!

DJ4927d ago

Xbox and Gamecube. I don't know what you guys are blabbering about. Are you angry that Sony understated how powerful it was? (look to God of War 2 and MGS 3 for proof).

fredy4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

about the ps2 having more power i dont know what kind of drugs you are doing cause last time i checked all the games on xbox that ps2 have have alot better graphics then the ps2.


Go rent the games..and if in fact the Emotion was more powerful, whatt does that tell you about the looks of the Multi games?

and if that doesn't say much then what does it tell you today with the nextgen consoles and multi games...

diatom4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Nasim, finally give up on the PS3? Nice name change too, but I guess you are not too happy with it hence the second account in 2.1. Well I am glad you are happy with your x-box 360 now, that and Microsoft's spotless reputation with truthyness with the customer base. They sure owned up to the RROD hardware issues right away! Yup if you can't trust Microsoft, who can you trust?

GIJeff4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

wasnt the limit for the PS2, that what the rest of the system's fault. The emotion engine was able to crank out as much horsepower as a P4 2.4 GHZ. Where do you think "off the toy shelf computing" came from? The Xbox has a 733mhz p3. The emotion engine was much faster for AI, physics, etc...

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bestgamer944927d ago

and no company lies?
all do trust me :P

Genuine4927d ago

I don't know of any mainstream business that lies as much and as frequently as sony's games division. Any hardcore gamer that has been around since the ps1 should know that sony is full of ****.

gnothe14927d ago

theres a difference between lying an deception. sony is full of deception!! they like to deceive people, an make things seem better than they are to get personal gain!!

ReBurn4927d ago

Lying and deception are the same thing. Both involve not telling the truth.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4927d ago

No, deception is not telling the FULL truth, in other words only telling part of the story but hiding other parts.

I think Sony was being deceptive rather than outright lying. Unless Stringer said it was 100k ps3's sold.

Sez 4927d ago

and sonyfans where just hyped up about the 100k sales in one week. sony is not looking good in their PR dept.

Martini4927d ago

Tell us something we don't know. Sony = hype and BS.