PlayStation 3 - Four Japanese TV Spots

English translation are included - see below each video.

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Dad: "I've waited for the 7th Ridge for one year, and for Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) since spring."

Son: "BokuNatsu 3 (My Summer Vacation 3)!"

Mom: "Mini-golf 5, I waited for you."

Dad: "We finally made it!!!"

"I've always loved the Ridge [Racer] series..."

"...but the 7th was the only one I could not play."

"Today it's been one year, one year that I've waited [for this to happen.]"

"Well then!"

Dad: "I think Takashi has done very well."

Mom: "Yes he did."

Dad: "If we bought Ratchet from the PS3, I think he would do even better."

Mom: "Really?"

Son: "Go daddy! Go daddy! Go daddy!"

Guy: "Hey hey didn't you say 'When Musou 5 (Dynasty Warriors 6) is out it will be ok to buy a PS3' ? Didn't you say it 'When Musou 5 is out it will be ok to buy a PS3'?"

Girl: "Yeah I said it."

Guy: "You did!"

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wil4hire4928d ago

These are odd...odd as hell.

dhammalama4928d ago

They are pretty funny, at least with the translation.

Hapimeses4928d ago

Unlike the dross they have playing here in the UK, they seem like fairly decent ads that do a job. Nice.