Proof the Devil Exists - DNF

As a reviewer, sometimes I have to play a game that I know for a fact will be terrible. A movie critic can’t understand what makes The Godfather a good movie without watching The Godfather: Part III, and game critics are no different. This kind of self flagellation exercise is unpleasant, but necessary, and I’m often better off for it. That is until I played Duke Nukem Forever, a punishment for some transgression I can’t quite remember, mostly because my head hurts (more on that later). If I could talk to myself before I walked into GameStop that faithful day, I would stop him. Stop him from bringing evil into his home.

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Tigerfist4600d ago (Edited 4600d ago )

Duke Nukem Forever is not a very good game, we all already know. But the thing is, it's not that much of a dramatic thing, or at least as bad as people describe it.

I've seen alot of bad shit receiving high praise, some that do share traits with this game, and all in all they never get hit this hard.

It all seems to come down to trends and people following them blindly.

"The developers decided to include things like limited weapons, regenerating health, long loading times, and vehicle sections..."

All of these things are common things on modern video games.

"Noticeably missing is a difficulty curve, engaging gameplay, fun weapons, or even useable controls."

The difficulty seemed stable along the game, and that means easy (but then again I am kind of a game veteran).

Engaging Gameplay: FPS... Yep.

Regenerating Health? Almost every modern shooter. Long Loading times? Computer says no (I'm still on socket 775 with a dual core here). Fun weapons... They are mostly classic Duke weapons... Useable controls? What exactly does this mean, it's based on standard FPS controls.

Complaining about the lack of a coherent story? It's Duke Nukem... It's supposed to be a totally fucked up cliche macho bullshit.

PS: It's a shame games like Bulletstorm didn't get the stick. It would be proof that coherence does exist.

Jim Hawking4600d ago

I played this on a console, and I felt that the controls were a bit sluggish.

By the way, I stand by my opinion, but the review itself was meant to be funny.

pixelsword4600d ago (Edited 4600d ago )

Bulletstorm didn't get the stick because the media loves their Cliffy. Sites need to look past their personal preferences and judge a game accordingly.

Despite the bad things, DNF has the best depth of field I've ever seen in any game.

TheMutator4600d ago

wtf people still bitchin about this game...

contra1574599d ago

It's a shame that such a hard core game like duke nukem had to take the new route like all these other fps games and there mechanics they are all the same I don't want to tuck my gun and run, I want fast pace action, I don't want wheel chair speed game play, I don't want a limited inventory, I want to be able to hold 1632 or whatever how many weapons there are in the game. What's with the upgrades also I'm getting sick and tired of getting weapons and having to upgrade them finding them 1 by 1 and having to upgrade them why. Every game is starting to do this trend it is getting annoying.


Gearbox confirms layoffs following sale by Embracer

Gearbox Entertainment has confirmed layoffs at the company, following the announcement of its sale by Embracer.

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UltimateOwnage17d ago

I’m glad Embracer is selling them. I hope someone other than MS buys them and frees them up to make great games.

Knightofelemia17d ago

Says right in the article Take Two bought Gearbox off of Embracer.

Sgt_Slaughter17d ago

Reading the article is hard for most people it seems

Knightofelemia16d ago

@Sgt Slaughter

I just like how when a studio automatically goes up for sale. People automatically think Microsoft is just going to jump on it like a fat kit eating a cake.

SimpleSlave17d ago

I mean, having multiple CEOs is a redundancy, soooo... Good luck Randy!!!


Layoffs Hit Gearbox Staff Hours After Embracer Sale

Less than a day after the news that Take-Two Interactive would acquire Borderlands developer Gearbox Entertainment from the embattled Embracer Group, layoffs have already begun. In the hours since former Gearbox employees were made redundant, they've taken to Twitter, and while the total number of staff impacted remains hard to determine, it sounds significant.

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Knightofelemia23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I am glad to see Gearbox under Take Two. But lay offs I am not surprised they aren't the only company cutting staff and they won't be the last. And I have a feeling the Borderlands movie honestly will tank when it comes out. The cast is just wow a complete mess Lilith is too old Roland is to small and scrawny. They are missing Brick and Mordecai and I don't think Tiny Tina will be as bat shit nuts as she is in the games.

22d ago
Inverno22d ago

The movie will definitely flop. It has all the usual actors that have casted in all these video game movie adaptations. Whenever I see Kevin Hart or The Rock or Jack Black i just know it's a cash grab. More so when it's all three together. (The Rock isn't in it)

Juancho5122d ago

When you see actors like that in a movie you can expect it to be bad, i definitely do. They have good chemistry but the movie doesnt shine because it just banks on their presence and people going to see them.

Inverno22d ago

Pfft, literally said yesterday how it must be nerve wracking for the devs and then this shite. People aren't looking to get fired, and these companies don't care in the slightest.

Andrew33622d ago

People aren't looking to get fired. Good insight.

kaos8922d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Inflation post 1/20/2020 is really causing pain to everyone. The cherry on top was companies waiting post 11/8/2022 to start doing layoffs. Hmm, I wonder why they waited past that date... Staring with Google in January 2023 and everyone following suit there after.

anast22d ago

Companies that over-hire should be fined heavily and the CEO loses his/her bonus during layoffs, and that money can go to the workers that they laid off.

Leeroyw22d ago

There's a lot going on in this post that needs further scrutiny.

anast22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It's a game forum. But you are free to chose one and argue it.

Shiore2u22d ago

I hope Pitchford got let go for the sake of employee safty. The man is a walking grease fire waiting to happen.


Embracer Group Looks to Sell Video Game Studio Gearbox

The game developer is best known for Borderlands, which has generated more than $1 billion in revenue

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persona4chie222d ago

Hey n4g, can we maybe not allow articles where you can only read 3% of it before hitting the pay wall?

Snookies12221d ago

The disagrees were from people that already paid, haha.

neutralgamer1992222d ago

They just bought them not long ago. This is absurd. Embracer owns so many gaming studios and IP’s. They just don’t know to manage them right TBH

Give us saints row 1-2 proper HD remaster (3-5 million in sales confirmed as long as no major bugs)

Focus on AA games that cost less than 40 million go develop while funding 2-3 major AAA titles. Those smaller titles should aim for 8/10 type games with focus on fun and be released within 2 years while bigger games are given 3-5 years

Sniperwithacause222d ago

You got it all figured out!
Sounds like you need to send over your resume to corporate office! Lol
All jokes aside. They need to figure it out quickly.

neutralgamer1992221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Lol no they need suits and number crunchers haha

What use to be available to us as bonus content for free by unlocking or cheat codes is now micro transactions

Gaming is generating so much money that we have so much soulless content simply for money grabs

Ristul221d ago

Embracer's problem is that they have spent too much on acquisitions of game studios and when they did, interest rates were lower when compared to today. With higher interest rates on their loans, they have to sell studios to raise capital.