Tech-Gaming Podcast 8-4: Put It In

Although this week’s show commences with convention, as hosts DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and BlueSwim offer their impressions of Dead Island, Resistance 3, Renegade Ops, Space Marine, and Persona 3 Portable, when Samurage joins the discussion, all hell breaks loose. Luckily, we manage to steer away from the hentai talk long enough to deliver an elimination round of gaming trivia, answers to reader mail, and even find time to give away five Ratchet and Clack: All 4 One beta codes. Before the show wraps, we also welcome Aileen from Aksys Games as well as Alex from Gaijin Games to discuss the recent launch and development of Bit.Trip Complete.

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madmad3293d ago

Sounds like a good show this week.

sharpsword3293d ago

Good podcast. Everyone should give it a listen.

mediastudies3293d ago

Night Driver in the 8 track player FTW. RAM IT IN!