Weekly Sales Analysis, 10 September 2011 - Tales of Xillia

"Overview - The 3DS and PlayStation 3 continue to dominate as they both sell over 200,000 this week, while the nearest platform is the Xbox 360 at 122,000. Even with the 3DS this year on year sales are down slightly this week. Software sales are up week on week and year on year. There are seven debuts in the top 40, which is up from four last week. Software milestones this week: Wii Fit Plus crosses the 20 million mark. Seven games sold over 100,000, which is up from four last week, and the top 16 sold over 50,000, up from nine last week."

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Misterhbk2593d ago

Tales of Xillia number one game world wide while only releasing on one console only in Japan. The market that so many people say is irrelivant.

Anyways, Namco if this doesnt let you know you've got a global hit, idk what will.

tiffac0082593d ago

"Tales of Xillia (PS3) debuted at the top this week with sales of 509,000. The game launched in Japan, with no plans to be released elsewhere."

That has to be the most painful sentence I've seen all week >.<

I hope Bamco realizes they have a hit on their hands that can cross the global stage.

Game4life2593d ago

I"m pretty sure they will bring it over since they have been bringing the tales series over as of late

Arksine2593d ago

I think it will largely depend on how Tales of Graces F performs. If it does reasonably well in N/A, Xillia may come as well. So anyone who cares about Tales needs to get out and by Graces day one.

Infernostew2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

They announced that they're bringing them over. I have yet to see a tales game on the shelf since ToS2.

Game4life2593d ago


Well according to vgchartz (idk if it gonna be accurate or not)

Symphonia in america sold 550,000
Vesperia in the america sold 260,000

I think if it sells around what symphonia did we will be fine.

slayorofgods2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

haha at vgchartz being required to be filled in the rumor section on this site.

on topic; hopefully this game 1. gets a U.S. release and 2. gets released on the ps3 in the us (where a game like this belongs)
Top Namco execs need to stop being timid and actually take a risk that could be very successful.

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2593d ago
Stealth2k2593d ago

This article makes me laugh because people will still say the 3ds price cut effect has warn off when weekly sales continue to go up

StbI9902593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Lol, you sound butthurt´d mate, nice preemptive strike.

Stealth2k2592d ago

the butt hurt one is you even responding to somethign positive

Ryo-Hazuki2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Ps3 209,000
360 122,000
Wii 98,000

Good job sony

Need tales of xillia localized

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