VG Chartz: Worldwide Weekly Hardware Sales Breakdown Ending Nov. 11

VG Chartz' weekly data for the week ending November 11th, 2007, is now available for all regions. The data cover Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS, and PS2. VG Chartz looks at the breakdown for this week and compare it to the past couple of weeks.

VG Chartz also looks at the sales numbers from last year for the same period and make comparisons.

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wil4hire4928d ago

why are these stories still getting posted?

Itachi4928d ago

why is vg chartz stories always getting posted when they are absolutely BS

DeckUKold4928d ago

After those NPD numbers I'm staying away from VG Chartz

Milkman5414928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

VG Charts has a good purpose but their data just blows...maybe in awhile we'll be able to trust them...

VG Charts was 200,000 off on X-Box 360 sales for the month of Oct...LAF

cmrbe4928d ago

Should ban VG is possible. They are too unreliable

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