A Day In the Life of a PAX Attendee -GotGame

Okay, so PAX was almost a month ago, but the awesomeness of it all is still with us and in this very special video with our very special guest, Complex Magazine Video Game Editor Tina Amini we find out what it’s like for all the folks who don’t have media badges like us. Waiting in lines, hitting on booth babes, playing D&D in the table top section… We do all this and more in our epic quest to discover all the cool things PAX Prime 2011 has to offer. Thanks to all the folks who helped us in making this. We hope you enjoyed PAX as much as we did and we can’t wait to see you all in Boston next year for PAX East 2012!

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Tesseract3413d ago

Totally dorkery going on in this video. :D

DistrictMime3413d ago

I would love to go to pax at least once. Great video.

samurailincoln3413d ago

Yeah. This is pretty friggin' hilarious.