The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess FAQ

Over at the forums, i0n has posted a helpful Twilight Princess FAQ. It covers 51 of the most common asked questions for the game.

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Sphinx5861d ago

...if just for this game I'll be fighting for a Wii.

specialguest5860d ago

i finally got a chance to play Zelda windwaker for the gamecube. now im really looking forward to this Zelda game.

Sphinx5860d ago

because I never got a Gamecube. Now, with a Wii, it will play Gamecube games so I can catch up on the 10 games on it I wanted to play!

wakkiwakko5860d ago

What you saw on the E3 demo trailers was NOT game lag or any form of slowdown. It is infact intentional to create a stylistic effect. The game slows slightly whenever you get a large hit in on your opponents. This slight slowdown was also in TWW.

Since I never played Wind Waker I had no idea. This made me feel a lot better. I really thought it was lag. :D I've been looking for this answer since E306. Hehe.

BoneMagnus5860d ago

I probably won't get a Wii until next summer, but I was so disappointed last Christmas when Zelda:TP was delayed...I must play it when it comes out.

Heck, I wouldn't mind trading it in and getting the Wii version eventually...though the game is supposed to be exactly the same as far as content.

ChickeyCantor5860d ago

i really dont get why ppl are scared to use the Wii mote....i have been playing zelda with a gamepad for years....i think its time for a change.....cant w8!!!!

i already love the characters!!! i really trust this team that they would make the game fit with the story!!!

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