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IncGamers: Concluding our interview with Gears of War 3 writer Karen Traviss, we chat about the general perception of a 'videogame story' and how both the industry and writers can go about 'improving' it.

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kramun2648d ago

Well no, books are imo. But we're getting there slowly but surely.

Why o why2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

some films are great...some are better than the books they are based on but i do agree with you. Each media has a great storytelling instants even music but the written word relies a lot on ones imagination and intelligence so people fill in gaps with their own thoughts. Films most of the time lay it all out for ya whilst some games allow you to change and be more immersed in the story through play so no, not the best but can definitely be a great medium for great storytelling if done correctly

kramun2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Yeah exactly. Although books describe locations and characters and so on, it is reliant on the readers imagination. And because everyone is different their take on any particular book will be different to anyone elses, which is what makes a good book unbeatable in storytelling power.

I think games have the edge over films in some ways, especially when a game has multiple ways you can complete it which gives variation to how one persons story will be compared to another person that plays the same game, Deus Ex is a great example of this.

Games certainly have a lot to offer in terms of ways a story can be told, and some developers are really pushing the way forward on how it's done. While I may criticise Heavy Rain as a game, I will say that the story was very well done, and there were a lot of innovate ways in how it was told.

dark-hollow2648d ago

No. books (and maybe movies) most important aspect is the storytelling.
Video games can go with bad/shallow plot but still be enjoyable.

In my opinion is that to create an all around masterpiece video game is a lot harder than making a good movie/book. Sure they put a lot of effort and money into it but in video games, you have to worry about:

The storytelling
The plot
The music score
The characters

But the difference is that you have to wrap all this up in a fun, solid gameplay mechanics.

Micro_Sony2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I usually say no but games like MGS4,Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Uncharted and from what I have seen and heard so far Gears 3 makes me think that things are changing and developers are starting to see the benefit of a well written story.

I watched a spoiler for Gears 3 on youtube and when the mad world song came on I shed one manly tear - so this tell me alot about how cames are becoming more story driving.

Edit: @Why o why - They did not use the song but just the beat.

You right about music invokeing emations because I was fine with what happend but as soon the the beat started playing I felt sad.

Why o why2648d ago

they used that mad world song for part 3??? That was used for the ads for the 1st game...what an epic selection of pun. Great stuff...on the manly tear'll find music can invoke emotions to flow...wonderful medium.

Pikajew2648d ago

Did you ever read a book?

Miths2648d ago

Yeah, I'm going to have to vote for books too. Movies and TV second, games last (out of that bunch). Although it's certainly quite plausible that at some point in the future games could take second place.

M1chl2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

No, books are definitely (much) better in this department than any other media. I just wonder if reviewers whose gave LA Noire, Heavy Rain some nice grade, ever read a book. I don't think so...wonderful, engaging stor my ass.
By the way, you guys who play Metro 2033 do you actually read the book Metro 2033? Its so much better and when you only play the game, you missing so much from that "universum"...

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