Nintendo’s Downfall Is Imminent

With Their newest handheld, the 3DS, and the upcoming WiiU struggling, The question is; is will the company survive?

And if not, (after the recent nubageddon nightmare), what will happen to Nintendo.

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xhedleyx4389d ago

Oh Nintendo, you have fallen so far.

xhedleyx4389d ago

I've heard all this doom and gloom before, especially during the Gamecube's twilight years. I see Nintendo making a big come back pretty soon.

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fluffydelusions4387d ago

Yeah, even if the Wii isn't selling like it once was it's still selling and so are the games and quite well may I add.

-Alpha4387d ago

But isn't it funny how despite the fact that they've come back from the Gamecube that all their success since then is ignored as if Nintendo's fate depends on how they do right now at this very moment?

ProjectVulcan4387d ago

Isn't Nintendo still one of the biggest japanese companies :-/ certainly an article about potential future challenges for the company is relevant, but melodramatic headlines of doom and downfalls are premature...

Micro_Sony4387d ago

I know Vchartz is crap but if this is anything to go by how is it doomed?

Worldwide Weekly Chart Week Ending 10th Sep 2011

3DS - 223,000 (+3%)
PS3 - 208,885 (+11%)
X360 - 122,217 (-1%)
Wii - 97,694 (-10%)
DS - 86,591 (-7%)
PSP - 78,086 (-8%)
PS2 - 30,234 (-3%)

"and the upcoming WiiU struggling" how is the upcoming struggling when its not even out yet?

Gamejudgement can I borrow your time machine.

Tanir4387d ago

buuuut, gamecube sorta flopped. barely any good exclusive games, last console of that gen and first console to stop getting games.

the 3ds's launch is a massive fail but if they play cards right people will eat up the dual analog re-release of the console cuz well games will be out by then and the console will be finished.

good games are coming along in a year so maybe in a year the 3ds will be ready for a correct release and people can enjoy the console

Anon19744386d ago

Here's the thing people forget about the Gamecube. While the Gamecube didn't perform badly, it didn't really perform all that well and yet Nintendo survived. Why was that?

Because Nintendo was making the bulk of their money off the Gameboy. Even with the Wii's success, look at Nintendo's financials sometime. Far more money was coming in from the portable market. And that market has drastically changed. With the DS dirt cheap and disappearing, the lukewarm response to the 3DS and developers choosing the "wait and see" attitude before committing to the platform and the Wii behemoth finally slowing down - what is Nintendo going to replace that revenue with?

Do we really expect the 3DS to suddenly do DS or GB type numbers in an age when everyone has a smart phone capable of playing games? That's the majority of Nintendo's revenues right there. Do we really think the Wii-U is going to hit even close to the Wii's level of success? And even if it could, the loss of the portable gaming market due to a changing marketplace - how are they going to replace that revenue?

When Reuters is referring to the 3DS as a flop already - and the portable market was the bulk of your business - you know you're in trouble.

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gw4k4388d ago Show
Dwalls11714387d ago

They are to be honest doing really bad , wii is soon gone and absolutely no interest in wii u .... But they do have an ace up there sleve POKEMON and mario for the 3ds will be huge

ATi_Elite4387d ago

Looks at Nintendo's 12 month stock snapshot.....

Oh shite it went from $38 down to $19 in 6 months

Yeah I say Nintendo is in trouble especially seeing how investors know a whole lot more about what's going on internally than we do.

Jihaad_cpt4387d ago

to be fair most stock prices have fallen given the times.

ATi_Elite4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

to be fair Apples and Microsoft have all gone up. Sony's has gone down but only because of devastation to their factories in Japan (Tsunami, Earthquake, Nuclear Radiation) and England during the riots.

yes most prices have fallen a few dollars but when a stock price cuts in HALF it means major problems.

Nintendo unlike Sony and M$ do not have multiple products to keep them afloat when the gaming side is bad. the 3DS is over saturated and the WiiU so far is not mind blowing. If these two products flop then What? By then PSVita, Xbox720 and PS4 will be on the shelves.

Eventually Nintendo will be just a software developer and a maker of Kiddie educational hand helds like Vtech!

Titanz4387d ago

Is the website's name with a "+" at the end.Click on it, then vote for the quality of the site.

N4g_null4381d ago

I logged in just to say I'm almost done with this site. I'm not sure if n4g compition is trolling these articles or not but the gamer opinion here are not even worth reading now. The few gamers he doesn't even justify even being a part of this site any more.

You guys ever looked into stock investor devaluing stock on purpose just to make money? Most investors don't have a clue what markets are doing what the only have rumors and the little info gives out.

This gen by far has been the lamest group of gamers ever. Simply because of sites like this, ign, joystick and the king kotaku have been worst than pc gaming sites before it's collapse. The media and fans are hurting gaming way more than any hardware gamer ever could.

There is so much irrational thinking here that is just is not a good place to come any more. There is a vast chunk of articles else where that are way more informative on nintendos moves and even ms future ideas.

In an attempt to act some some thing you can some times destroy your self.

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Kamikaze1354389d ago

I say people wait at least a year before trying to predict a consoles' doom.

pat_11_54389d ago

I'm still waiting for the inevitable 3DS redesign. That abomination of an extra thumbstick is ridiculous looking.

iamnsuperman4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

How annoying is that going to be for current 3DS users. The gave an sorry bundle of games before. I wonder if it will happen again if there is a redesign

Tanir4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

well u know, its gonna be the typical, gamestop will offer credit bonuses for trade in towards the finished 3ds.

so gamestop can rip off customers and sell the beta 3ds's used and make money's!

in turn, consumers get Effed over and sellers and nintendo get ur money, and the happy nintendo fanboys dont even mind, though thankfully lots of them smartened up

browngamer44389d ago

What a b.s. flamebait article...

Shok4389d ago

Another doom article huh? Funny, 3DS sales go up 260%, starts to actually get games worth playing, and the doom articles start popping up.

So basically, things get better, but MORE hate articles come out. Hilarious.

I also love how the author of the article judges the Wii U's fate already when it's a good year from release.


CDbiggen4389d ago

This better not be approved. It's totally pointless.

Micro_Sony4387d ago

LOL...Asking for people on N4G not to approve flamebait articles is like asking Bobby Kotic to stop making a Call of Duty game every year....POINTLESS.

theonlylolking4387d ago

LOL that was a good analogy.