Why I might give COD:MW3 a miss

Trey tells us about his fond memories of Battlefield 2 and why he might ditch Infinity Ward's monolith in favour of the young upstart.

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SITH2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I like call of duty games, but a battery of issues that plague them of late and the frequency of releases, is all ridiculous. Battlefield 3 hype is not just because of the graphics, it is because of the fact a comfortable gap exists between Bad company 2 and BF3 where gamers can get all the pleasure out of BC2 and move on too BF3 without missing BC2. I am excited for BF3 release and not for MW3. I'm not mad either, it is all business in the end. Hell, I got people on my friends lists still playing Mw2 as if it came out yesterday.

sealion882641d ago

You can't even talk trash in lobbies in BF. that alone is why COD is better. Talking trash!

Pro_TactX2641d ago

Talking trash is usually a cover for insecurity.

SpartanZero2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Who cares? I'm sure there will more COD fans ditching BF3 and you don't hear no one complaining.

AngelicIceDiamond2641d ago

Why he "MIGHT" pass on this game. Well for starters hes made a really good point on his preferences hes played Battlefield lot more. The thing is he better make up his mind quick because that "might" will turn into a definite once the game releases. All his friends will be playing it and reviewing it saying how fun and great it is which will entice him into pickin up a copy. its the COD effect its contagious.

DirtyLary2641d ago

"Why I might give COD:MW3 a miss"

Red Orchestra 2
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3

Twisted Metal

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