Best video-game songs of all time

CNET: Over the years, there have been many amazing tracks written for video games, whether it be a catchy 8-bit loop or a soaring operatic tear-jerker. We've compiled a list of some of the most interesting and striking video-game tracks we've ever heard.

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M1chl3500d ago

My personal favorite song is definitely Still Alive from Lisa Miskovski featured in game Mirrors Edge. Can't say, that the game has a best soundtrack ever, but this song its really outstanding : )

Undeadwolfy3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Ya that song is amazing! I think this is the song it was originally based off. I have this song favourited if im having a bad day and just need to unwind or something.

Someone in the article wrote pretty much every song from MGS4 should be in there and I agree, the music in that game was amazing. The Love Theme when you start the game and Snake does his 'War Has Changed' speech, the music when you're on the motorcycle with Big Mama (Desperate Chase), Encounter Remix at final fight with Liquid Ocelot, Father and Son which plays on the epilogue after the credits, Metal Gear Saga theme and the Old Snake theme at the menu screen, opening and Credits. Man... That game is my fav of all time. Love it lol.

3GenGames3500d ago

Zelda? Bwhaha, what a joke. Play Crystalis, now THAT's the best NES music ever there.

Isis063500d ago

Bwhaha, what a joke... Play Megaman 3, now THAT's...

3GenGames3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Completely different game, but I said it because they're both RPG's and it just got in because it's popular, not the best.

But I agree 1459%! MM music in general is just completely kick butt. :)

Pozzle3500d ago

OMG. I'd forgotten about the MGS2 theme song. Yesss! I remember whenever it played at the title screen, I'd never press 'Start' until the whole song had played. :O

Also, I think Raziel's theme from Soul Reaver should be on the list. It's pretty amazing, especially 2 minutes in...

lociefer3500d ago

i think the opening music for tenchu 2 is awesome

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