PlayStation 3 - European TV Spot

Kotaku: "Games don't sell systems! Certainly not like lithe acrobats in vinyl pants do."

GameTrailers: "Is this what they call 'living'?"

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Meus Renaissance4928d ago

I actually like it, there's nothing wrong it except that we all wanted Sony to advertise its games. Yet Sony doesn't really have a history of doing it like that, but this actually gets the attention of a wider target (adults) but sadly not the younger generation who won't even take notice.

Sony should do show this, aswell as a different one. One that showcases the games like the Americans have.

Baba19064928d ago

i like the advert. i think it is very wierd, but it catches your atention.

ktchong4928d ago

I think Sony needs to get a new ad agency...

HarryEtTubMan4928d ago

Yea its deiffrent but people and especailly quirky europeans...will notice this. This is only the beginning and their are many more ads to come. The American spots are what really kick azz though. They are So good and they are everywhere!

resistance1004928d ago

Not to moan however im sure this was posted on here a few weeks back now.

Still i've got no problem with SCEE doing this ad's providing they give the games plenty of TV time as well, which they are getting better at now

watchyourmind4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

This add campaign that they are using here is extremely poor. It doesn't get anyone at all pumped up about gaming. GUYS who like video games are NOT going to be impressed with a queer add like that.

These European people working in Marketing really ought to take a hint from what has been released in USA that is showing actual game footage.

These pathetic artsy type adverts are NOT going to sell systems. They can NOT use the excuse of 'subconscious' marketing any more to get the PS3 brand out there. It isn't needed any more.

SONY received hugely positive feedback for their recent USA PS3 adverts. This Euro crap needs to stop and now if Sony are to sell systems this Xmas. How stupid can you get. SHOW THE GAMES FFS.

Ok, I'm a little angry. I'm angry at incompetent people working for Sony's marketing division for showing crap like this. What a joke. Hardcore gamers (guys) will look at this add like it's targeted towards some kind of queer crowd.

edit: and no I don't have anything against gay people but please think of the demographic you are aiming towards and how many people make up that demographic.

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The story is too old to be commented.