GC2006 MGS4 trailer in 720p hi-def glory

the amazing trailer show at the recent game conference in germany is now in direct feed, and ign has it, why not check it out in 720p

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TheXgamerLive5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

Your still looking at PC created CGI. You saw "NO" real game play whatsoever. When does sony really play a game on a ps3?

LiquifiedArt5867d ago

"Just another Excuse to be cooler then the 'Other' Fanboys"

TheXgamerLive5867d ago

It's just the obvious facts that some sony fanboy's seem to continue to look over.

I would'nt buy a car without test driving it and not just based on a commercial. A commercial just makes it look good even when it's not. Understand?

clayton5867d ago

You didn't have to turn [email protected] you are already [email protected] liquifiedtart. Go suck on Ken!

LiquifiedArt5867d ago

Xbox will do that to u. I dont own an xbox. hahah but YOOOU do little child.

Landa5866d ago

I dont get it, [email protected] are normal people with other sexual preferences

DJ5866d ago

Yeah, that was just gorgeous. So much more subtle detail and a hell of a lot more action than before. Now, to see what the whole 'nowhere to hide' theme takes all this...

calderra5866d ago

...hopefully to some actual gameplay? Or at least some actually in-engine, realtime shots?

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