Halo 3, Guitar Hero Rule October Software Sales

Bungie's Halo 3 was once again master chief of the sales charts, despite a 92% drop in sales from its 3.3 million seller debut in September. Activision and Red Octane's Guitar Hero III also had a good month, pushing 1.4 million units across multiple platforms. While the lead platform goes to the Xbox 360 this month in individual SKU terms, with the Wii version far behind, over 500,000 copies of the PlayStation 2 version were sold last month, across the standalone and guitar bundled editions.

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jack who4924d ago

wow who the hell is still buyin halo3

mboojigga4923d ago

What the real question is why is the 360 selling more copies of GHIII and the PS2 with 100+ million only selling 500,000? But to answer the question about Halo3 becaue the game is good.

fredy4923d ago

as the same with madden 08?

ps2 gamers are def jumping in..

Red4923d ago

If you are one of the PS2 owners who have had the console for awhile, why pay for a game on a system you'll likely upgrade around Christmas. And if you just bought a PS2, why buy a game as expensive as the system itself. I know I wouldn't.