Home Beta Nov. 29th?

The Home Beta is being speculated to be released on Nov 29th because of the Sony PS3 commercial with Home downloadable in the PS Store next to Pain (Pain has a release date of Nov. 29).

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Real gamer 4 life4928d ago

Good obsevasion if you ask me, it could be possible that he might be right.

mark094928d ago

wouldnt that also mean that we might be seeing divx support around the same time?

Omegasyde4928d ago

Phill Harrison did say a Beta of Home would be out internationally before the holidays in a e3 interview with Kotaku.

Hes almost always right and if hes is wrons, he won't give a bullsh*t excuse like Jack Trenton (Boss of SCEA). That Jack Tretton really sucks monkey and has a bullsh** answer to everything like what gender Rosie O'Donnell really is.

I mean come on, the world knows that Rosie is a dude. Duh.

lodossrage4928d ago

I've been itching to get my hands on HOME.

gamesR4fun4928d ago

the 29th would be great but if they dont give it to us before the end of December.... :(

i3CuBeD4928d ago

Looks like a solid hypothesis here...nicce find!!!

sonarus4928d ago

chances of this are extremely slim. All we knw is we should get a beta before the end of the yr. IMO chances of that are also slim lol. I think the ps account they used to display the data is simply inhouse jst like the time we saw the sony xmb videos for themes and it had wipeout hd in there.

ravinash4928d ago

best to make sure its working first, other wise you'll be getting everyone posting that the thing does not work...but then again if they wait, everyone will be posting why is it taking so long!
ya just can't make people happy sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.