IGN Reviews Soldier of Fortune: Payback: 6.1/10 - Guilty Pleasure

IGN writes:
"Soldier of Fortune: Payback has one thing going for it: excessive dismemberment. Everything else is standard stuff for a shooter. Yet, I must admit, that I get a guilty pleasure playing Payback. Though it's not a good game, it's still fun to see body parts fly. If that doesn't interest you, there is an option to turn down the gore. That, however, takes away the only interesting thing Solider of Fortune: Payback has to offer."

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MK_Red4932d ago

Even if it's half good as original SoF, I'm sure I would love it. Blood and gore FTW!

wangdiddy824931d ago

the death animation in this game kills COD4.. This is what COD4 needs to make it a complete game..

This game looks really fun in a bad bloody way.. lol