Koei announces it's TGS line up

4 ps3 titles to be one show with 3 out of the for playable... and the missing in action ps3 title that was shown at E32005 and tgs05 NI-oh is back along with a new nintendo Wii title... and a slew of ps2 psp and ds title

"Koei has announced its lineup for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Included amongst the seemingly countless games that have the word "Warriors" in the title is a surprise Wii announcement: Sengoku Musou Wave. In English, this name translates to Samurai Warriors Wave.

Details on the game have yet to be announced by the company.

Koei has a large TGS list, with support for PS3, PS2, PSP, DS and Windows. Click the link below to view the full list.

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Bhai5863d ago

Thanks Sevir04 I thought we've lost Nioh forever, this news is a gust of fresh air indeed, these 4 Koei titles are really making up strong Japanese lineup pre-eminent on the PS3.

Really getting emotional today on listening to the orchestral music on DMC4's website, totally falling in love with the 'Unknown Realms' title for the PS3 after watching its screens and art-style and knowing that Nioh is still on board, I guess today has been some of the finest days aound the news-line of PS3, from sometime now !!!

ChickeyCantor5862d ago

should make a new mystic heroes ( the kid version of dinasty wariors)really loved the one on gcn.