Minecraft Beta 1.9 To Have An Armor System

Jens Bergensten has today revealed one of the new features he’s working on for Minecraft Beta 1.9.

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theonlylolking4030d ago

Minecraft is sooo turning into a RPG.

Convas4030d ago

Well, people were complaining that the it need to take on some sort of purpose.

I'm all good with it as long as they continue to add the free-roaming elements to the game. More items, more food, more mobs, more animals, etc.

I rather like the new directions!

NuclearDuke4030d ago

I'd rather he made more blocks, more tools and more building options than food, armor, mobs etc.

Stay true to your roots Notch...Minecraft is a mine'n'build game!

kcuthbertson4030d ago

You say that like it's a bad thing lol.

TheIneffableBob4030d ago

I think this was sort of the intention for survival mode all along.

Shackdaddy8364030d ago

I hope they have a mining update. I'm sick of getting to the both so easily...

TheIneffableBob4030d ago

Mining update!

Would be great if they added like 50 new blocks and 200 new recipes.

evrfighter4030d ago

I want earthquakes that destroy unsupported mine shafts

easto1a4030d ago

helll no i get pissed enough when creepers blow up my house let alone random earthquakes collapsing my mine!!

Elwenil4029d ago

Yeah, I am curious if there is any plan to introduce some physics so that unsupported tunnels and random floating land masses will fall. Would be an interesting change to not be able to build a city supported only by a one block square pedestal, lol.

easto1a4030d ago

i thought 1.8 was gd 1.9 is gonna be the s***

just_looken4030d ago

now all they need is to get it to stop looking lie a ps1 game.

easto1a4030d ago

get a hd texture pack :P