Naughty Dog Congratulates Epic Games' On Gears 3′s Critical Success

GB : Naughty Dog is pretty cool, and we all know that. It’s no secret that Cliff Blezinski loves Uncharted 2 and raves about it, but its now his turn to bask in the glory of critical success.

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Why o why4655d ago

Course they did, they're all geezers. Its gunna be great to see if any of these two camps get goty....its all good for us though..

TheOneYouHate4655d ago

Thats how we as gamers should get along. Regardless of what ever system you have, if by choice or financial. If the other camp gets a good game well than congratulate and dont hate.

We are all gamers.

darthv724655d ago

epic will release a multiplayer skin of dom or marcus for uncharted 3.

That would be insane.

SLEDGE4655d ago

Yeah, to bad we can't have them all on one platform :S Oh well, already got them all :D

Hell YEAH, and give away donut Drake to gears3 :D

4655d ago
zero_gamer4655d ago

This is how we gamers should get along, indeed. It is too bad a significant portion of our nation as gamers spend so much time bashing others' platforms of choice. We've seen enough of this on N4G alone.

I love my Wii, I love my 360 I love my PS3 and I love my gaming rig. This is a great gaming combo.

da_2pacalypse4655d ago

Agreed, now the fanboys can finally stop comparing the two games and saying which will be better. Both will be awesome

Colmshan19904655d ago

Naughty Dog have always gotten on well and even got help from other studios- didn't they even thank Bungie for helping them with the multiplayer code in Uncharted 2's credits? (If you don't believe go check it.)


Most gamers get along just fine despite of platform of choice, it's just on the internet that people feels like acting as a prick every once in a while to people they'll never meet in real life.

gamingdroid4655d ago

There was a skin for Lost Planet 2 of Marcus I believe.

Shadowaste4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

they'll all be on pc in a few years in true 1080p

so everyone will be on the same platform!



I just bought metroid other m from blockbuster for $12.99, lol....i don't even own a wii, but i am no pirate so i buy the games

look at how this looks in 1080p.....mmmmmmmmmm


starchild4655d ago

I can't wait for either game. Good games are good games; it doesn't matter the platform.

L6RD7BLU34655d ago

True, but there will always be those handful of haters out there which sucks.

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kingjoker344655d ago

Naughty Dog and cliff has always congratulated each other before.

Narutone664655d ago

It's always the so called "game journalists" that have twisted their words to get hits for their website.

Animal Mutha 764655d ago

What's with the big love in? Everyone is sucking each others fun sticks. Nice to see devs getting along

evilunklebud4655d ago

Agree... I WILL own both of these gems.

Gazondaily4655d ago

When will mankind ever learn? p_p

Jamzluminati4655d ago

They're only doing this to make fun of them seeing as U3 is gonna get Game of the year. You see Uncharted 3 is up against Batman again, Assassins Creed again, Skyrim, and Battlefield. This will be the tougher battle as compared to 2009.

snipes1014655d ago

Aaaaaaaand just like that a troll comes to try and taint the (for once) lighthearted spirit of this thread.

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iamnsuperman4655d ago

I like it when developers get along. Better than insulting each other. I can't stand that. Very childish.

NealCaffrey4655d ago

Like Dice, man there one of the worst I have seen.

rabidpancakeburglar4655d ago

I believe you mean EA, they have been the main perpetrators of any slagging.

wwm0nkey4655d ago

Thats EA mostly throwing the insults. The DICE guys actually love IW. They where playing MW3 with Robert Bowling and vice versa lol

SOD_Delta4655d ago

I thought Turn 10 was worse. I didn't buy Forza 3 new because of how they were running their mouths.

RedDead4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

That was one guy from turn 10... may as well ditch Battlefield 3 because someone associated with it slagged Cod.

Why o why4655d ago

Turn ten dude took the piss, why you defending him red dead. He took shots at one of the most senior and dedicated teams out there. It only ever takes one dude to tarnish a whole team and that dude was senior himself. Like superman said above i much prefer this and dudes that carry themselves like ted price than those who spew bs to hype their stuff or downplay others within the same industry

SoapShoes4655d ago

Turn 10 is the worst... even worse than EA or Activision. At least people at in Infinity Ward has said they liked what they saw in Battlefield. I haven't heard one person at Turn 10 say anything good about GT5, nothing but insults.