Xbox LIVE Windows 8 gamers can play against PC, Win Phone and Xbox

Microsoft demonstrated its Xbox LIVE support for Windows 8 on Thursday. Microsoft program manager Avi Ben-Menahem detailed the company’s plans for Xbox LIVE inside Windows 8 during a session at BUILD on Thursday morning.

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ATi_Elite4696d ago

They say play against each but in WHAT GAME?

I think this is just more evidence of Xbox360 titles being able to be played on PC through XBLA.

Windows8 is looking good and may finally get Red Dead Redemption on my PC

evrfighter4696d ago

oh god pic reminds me of their vision for pc gaming.


check out the dislike bar

jaosobno4695d ago

Why is something that is being used on a PC called XBOX live?

Autodidactdystopia4695d ago

I hate these gimmicks, just trying to find a way to charge for online

slayorofgods4696d ago

I'm happy with Windows 7. It is going to take a lot to upgrade to windows 8 this soon. The xbox features seem cool, but not cool enough.... Windows 8 seems more like Windows 7 with a couple of new features so far.

Grip4696d ago

hahahaha.. r u begin Serious????

fluffydelusions4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Wow, that is pretty big news. I'm just wondering how it will work. Can PC gamers purchase XBLA games now or will it be a storefront like steam where PC gamers can purchase games on demand?

Ayepecks4696d ago

The Windows Store will allow people to download on demand, much like you would on-demand titles on Xbox Live. You can't inherently just play any XBLA game -- they'd have to port them over to Windows, which is possible.

gamingdroid4696d ago

Porting XBLA games from Xbox 360 to PC tends to be pretty easy to do too. The tools are already made to handle that too.

JhawkFootball064696d ago

They have to include keyboard and mouse support for the 360. I can already see this problem arising for FPS games when people on the computer are using mouse/keyboard and the live user using the controller.

Parapraxis4696d ago

That is pretty damn awesome.

wwm0nkey4696d ago

Damn have to give it to Microsoft, this is pretty great.

lorianguy4696d ago

I'd like to see a full-blown CoD game on a windows phone.

But on a serious note, is this their reaction to the PC-PS3 steam thing?

4696d ago
wwm0nkey4696d ago

Yes and its a very good reaction, this move might push even more Steam support on PS3. Win-win for both sides really.

darthv724696d ago

there were a few titles that allowed for cross play on 360 and pc. I dont want to see this just be on MS titles.

I would like to see other companies use this as well. Maybe even get a real game that plays from pc to 360 to ps3. Epic or Valve could do something like that if they can all agree.

TheDivine4696d ago

Yea it would help games with smaller playerbases like section 8 prejudice. Games like that need all cross platform play.

Aloren4696d ago

A reaction to the PC-PS3 thing would be steam on 360, which will probably happen... but I doubt this has anything to do with steam on PS3, considering cross gaming exists on 360 since 2007 (shadowrun, lost planet, universe at war), they just didn't develop it too much, but it's nothing new. If this evolves with W8, this could be interesting.

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