GGTL Review: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

GGTL: "Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has the best pistols of any game I've ever played. And for me, that's a big thing. When you're stuck with a bolt-action rifle, and a swarm of Nazis are bearing down, you need a Plan B. Usually, in games, pistols are next to useless; peashooters that dribble pellets of soft cheese at your enemies. They're weak, boring and might as well not be there. But in Red Orchestra 2? Sidearms are king."

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DirtyLary4696d ago

GOTY in my book. Gamers turned Devs. Only means this game will be supported for years with update/content anti cheat. Just like RO1.

fossilfern4696d ago

The game is fantastic. When you have a team that plays together some of the battles are intense and very brutal at close range. It's not for everyone but you could waste a day to this game

ATi_Elite4696d ago

Been playing RO2 every hour since Tuesday (except for sleep and toilet breaks) and I am very impressed with the realism and intensity of it. Has some minor issues but a patch is coming. Using real world tactics is what the game is all about. 2 more lousy hours of work and it's back to feasting on Russian grunts!

(yeah i use the Nazi's cause the Russian uniforms are YUCK plus i like the stick grenades and MP3008)

Can't wait for this weekends Lan Party so me and my clan can head over to PC Gamer.com server and get our kill on!

Solid_Snake-4695d ago

PPSH with pineapple grenades FTW.

russians rule.

love slaying them natzi b*stards.

DaReapa4695d ago

Man. The reviews are really slow coming out for this game. May get it anyways.

ATi_Elite4694d ago

you don't need no stinking review RO2 is worth the money if you like a fast pace realistic FPS!

just don't forget your skillz!


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Jiub684d ago

Although the late 2000s Turok wasn't my favorite, I would love a new entry. Open world survival with shotguns and dinosaurs. Not sure how we'd get the fusion cannon, but that would be pretty sweet too.

MadLad683d ago


All of these games are pretty much universally praised. Outside of Timeshift I literally own all of these.

Venoxn4g683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

XIII, The Darkness 2, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Timesplitters: future perfect, Bulletstorm are awesome games

gurp83d ago

I played them all, they are all good in their own way
I used to be obsessed with FPS games


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Revvin3048d ago

Not one flight simulator listed like DCS World one of the most hardcore flight sims ever or a racing simulator like iRacing? Really poor list

KesMonkey3048d ago

I clicked, curious where in the list DCS World would appear.

A top simulators list that doesn't include DCS World is a poor list.

A top simulators list that includes no flight simulators whatsoever is an extremely poor list.

A top simulators list that includes no flight sims or racing sims is a joke.

JumpToGamer3048d ago

List your top 10 list then ;)

Psychotica3048d ago

The fact that Bus Simulator made the list at all makes the list absurd, even Farming Simulator is better than that.

JumpToGamer3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

It's an opinion. I can have an opinion, you have an opinion. Everyone has an opinion. Some people prefer a Bus Simulator to a Farming Simulator. Who cares? We're all humans with our own tastes and opinions. What does it matter what someone else thinks?

Psychotica3048d ago

Well I am just voicing my opinion about your opinion...

Elwenil3048d ago

It lists ETS2 but not the new American Truck Simulator?

I agree, a very poorly thought out list.

ShadowKnight3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Not a great list.

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