Nintendo 3DS extended slide pad add-on, first hands-on

Nintendo may be AWOL on the TGS show floor (as usual), but that's not stopping Capcom from strutting the big-N's hardware in its stead -- we dropped by its booth for a gameplay-free handling of the 3DS extended slide pad add-on.

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NESpower3695d ago

It doesn't look that bad! I'm surprised the size is basically not that big of a deal. For some peoples hands, it might be perfect.

Micro_Sony3694d ago

I agree...The leaked image made it look huge but this will make it perfect for my giant hands.

I still on the fence becuase I know Nintendo will sooner or later release a 3DS XL with the two analog sticks.

Tanir3694d ago

they are and thats why everyone should wait, unless they like the tacked on analog.

personally i would wait cuz well....i dont want the old rejected 3ds and by then the games i want would be out

NESpower3694d ago

That's what I meant, it doesn't look as bad as the pics made it. This adds two extra triggers. Do you think the eventual redesign will?

Shackdaddy8363694d ago

Really? This is what everyone was bitching about? It adds like 1 inch to the 3DS...

LackTrue4K3694d ago

i hear the same thing from girls! -_-"

Hozi3694d ago

People will always complain and Bitch. First they complain about how Nintendo should have put two analog sticks. Nintendo actually does it and now people complaining about that too.

Machioto3694d ago

Your right,but nintendo should have made the 3ds like this in the beginning instead of a late add-on if Sony had similar problems I din't see why they thought it made sense to make a gimped handheld.

rezzah3694d ago

It seems off, like it would take a little time to get use to.

it would of been better if they added one from the start like under or over the the 4 set buttons on the right.

NESpower3694d ago

Of course it should have been. But it does add extra triggers.

zero_gamer3694d ago

I am not buying this. I don't care how many games may require this add-on, I will not buy it. If Nintendo at some point requires this for future first party titles I am done with the 3DS. I don't want my 3DS turning into a big, bulky device with a terrible placement of the secondary analog stick.

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The story is too old to be commented.