IGN: Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack Hands-on, Videos and Screens

IGN plays Axbridge and lives to tell about it:

"Y'know, there are moments when you have to thank your lucky stars for downloadable content -- times such as yesterday when we got our heads blown off in Resistance: Fall of Man.

Running through the suspended, metal walkways mixed with the dirt-and-grass environments of Axbridge, we were playing pretty well. There was a ribbon for a sniper shot here, a headshot there, you know the drill. Anyway, we crawled into one of the dirty and dank trenches cut into the center of the level, came across two soldiers and hurled a grenade in between them. The ball went boom, we got the kills, and everything seemed right with the world."

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Area_514357d ago

do these guys ever take a break, i love it cant wait to DL these maps

Darkiewonder4357d ago

Maybe not the other map pack will drop in price [Doesn't matter much since my card isn't working GRRRR]

Skerj4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Those graphics are awesome, I can't wait until these are up. I see a lot of Augur fun in Bracknell.