J Allard Returns, Wishes Xbox Live A Happy 5th Birthday

Since moving on to the Zune side of things, people have hardly seen hoodie nor hair of Microsoft exec J Allard. For those who miss the man who has been described as "the father of the Xbox"-he sat in on Larry Hryb's latest podcast to talk about the origins and future of the Xbox family.

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KeezNah4924d ago

How unfortunate for him to be stuck with the Zune when he was so popular with the Xbox community. No J, No Peter Moore, we need more popular figureheads for the Xbox 360!

Also, does anyone know where I can get a bobble-head J toy?

Strife Lives4923d ago

Now can you officially bring it to South Africa ? ! ? ! We have thousands of people having to get UK and US accounts to get on but hey MS, Its awesome to launch Xbl in india WHERE THERES LESS THAN A 1000 users. Granted,we have 48 milion people and only had 360s since november last year. They have 1 bilion people and less than 1000. Ok.rant over