GameSpot reviews Tomb Raider: Anniversary for Wii

Tomb Raider: Legend did a lot to make Lara Croft feel relevant again, and Tomb Raider: Anniversary is another step in the right direction. The acrobatic action is consistently exciting and challenging throughout. Despite some issues in its translation to the Wii, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is still a fun and challenging action adventure game that captures the spirit of what made the franchise so great in the first place.

The Good
* Strikes a balance between homage and new, exciting content
* Satisfying acrobatic action adventure gameplay
* Lara looks great and moves effortlessly
* New minigames are a fun little addition.

The Bad
* Camera controls can be difficult
* New combat system feels clunky on the Wii
* Minor but noticeable visual bugs.

Score: 7/10

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