Interview: Wii Triumphs in October

The Nintendo Wii is back on top in October after Xbox 360's Halo 3-driven spike. How can Nintendo maintain this momentum through the holidays and beyond? Next-Gen spoke with Nintendo of America's marketing chief George Harrison.

Next-Gen: Onto software, do you sense that third parties are becoming less wary about bringing games to the Wii?

George Harrison: We think so. Certainly there's a strong lineup of third party titles, and we're trying to encourage them to make them. But we're also trying to encourage third parties to take the time and effort to make something unique, not just to sort of throw something out on Wii because the Wii's the fast-selling system. I think the ones that have spent the most time in the box are the ones that are going to be the most successful this holiday.

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blynx1824921d ago

Are you sh!ttin' me?! I don't believe this. Everyone kept saying the halo effect WILL wear off but damn!!
The 360 only stayed on top for 1 Month?! Micro$oft definitely wasted their chance, because now only $ony can stop Nintendo with perhaps Final fantasy 13.... Of course Micro$oft will NO DOUBT still have big games coming but.... The only one left with Halo-Calibur is GTA4....

forum_crawler4921d ago

When will these "Can the wii stay on top?" so called "news" stop?

blynx1824921d ago

The wii remains on top, those questions will never stop. This is something that happens to every console thats on top though, so don't be surprised if they ask those questions next year.

TruthbeTold4920d ago

It's the undertones behind the asking of "Can the Wii stay on top?" that is the problem. There is an undertone of "This product is no good", or "It's not the best product out there", "How can people buy the Wii? Surely it can't last." that is the problem. If the Wii becomes the next DS and continues to sell this ridiculously great for even another year, these same retards will ask this same question, for the same reasons. A pinhole view of life truly is pathetic.