October NPD: 360 Sales Drop, Yet Wii's Go Up

October 2007 Hardware Sales
PlayStation 2 -- 184,000
PlayStation 3 -- 121,000
PlayStation Portable -- 286,000
Xbox 360 -- 366,000
Wii -- 519,000
Nintendo DS -- 458,000

September 2007 Hardware Sales
PlayStation 2 -- 215,000
PlayStation 3 -- 119,000
PlayStation Portable -- 284,500
Xbox 360 -- 527,800
Wii -- 501,000
Nintendo DS -- 495,800

beoulve5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

my my my, VGChartz have XBOX 360 over 550k and surpassed wii. I want to see how vgchartz gonna spin with this. This is sales to retailer ??? LOL Very Gay Chartz indeed. As I said before, using last month data to make calculative guess. Guess what dead wrong again.

Still XBOX 360 still holding strong, should be continue through out holiday season. Nov should be good PS3 month.

kevoncox5677d ago

towards the trolls below. How can you bash the 360 sales when it's kicking you beloved ps3 sales around? It's ridiculous. Do you know how stupid you sound? You are complainin about a drop in sales even though with that drop your console is still getting it's teeth kicked in.

BTW, I don't know if you noticed but the 11K (NET) a week in JPN sales
Will take 14+ months to catch the 150K weekly advantage of US sales.
Throw in the Euopean sales which we don't really know but lets say it's besting the 360 by 100K For a world wide net of 50K for 360. The ps3 is being outsold by 50K a month. The lead is getting wider...not smaller. You should not be heckling anyone.

Sorry to flame but some of the logic on this board is almost retarded.

lawman11085677d ago

The release of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction appears to have little impact, as hardware sales dropped 2,000 month-to-month. D'oh

jiggyjay5677d ago

Wow even if you comebine both the PS2 and PS3 numbers the 360 still outsold them! Now if M$ just drop the price on the 360 so that the Core version is $199 premium $299 and the elite at $399 and then another price drop next fall you can put that nail in Sonys coffin for the gaming market!

ShiftyLookingCow5677d ago

oh oh someones predictions just went up in flames!

season0075677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

It is good that we have a strong and pristine lineup for 2008, but we should change how we speak now, no more future wordings...there are already a number of good titles out there and it is keeping me, and many other PS3 owners busy. GET RID OF THE FUTURE WORD!

We shouldn't let all these xbots picking our wording no more because the lack of game problems officially is solved and YES we are good now.

Of course we will get better but not we are not dead waiting for future, NOT ANYMORE!

p.s. Xbots have taken my bubbles off simply because i am telling the truth..if a little help could get me back to 5 bubbles i would really appreciate, thank you

edit: i can't believe i get 5 disagrees for it, i guess too many xbots are around =/

chester5677d ago

it's so freaking sad when a consumer starts referring to a console from a multi-billion dollar company using the phrase "we".

unless you work for or own part of sony, or microsoft, or nintendo it's "they".

although i'm sure the companies absolutely love that they have people referring to them as part of the family.

fredy5677d ago

that sounds like a call to Arms..

"We shouldn't let all these xbots picking our wording no more"

Such little fools..Rise up Ps3bots Rise up you master have spoken.


PS3 Limps on and on5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

It's not that PS3 did so much better, it's that XBOX 360 cooled down. The Halo 3 effect is wearning off!

VG chartz has XBOX 360 selling like 200k a week. VG chatz sucks

"EDIT: I understand why XBOX 360 fans are saying why are you celebrating, XBOX 360 still hammered the PS3.

You just have to understand that I felt the PS3 was fighting not to outsell 360 but to simply keep existing. I'm not claiming a PS3 victory. Far from it. I just thought 360 would open the flood gates selling like 600k or something. I don't want the PS3 die. I hope competition can keep up between the consoles for years to come, I know the PS3 has it's work cut out and faces an uphill battle still."

PS3n3605677d ago

xbox 360 sold more units than ps3 and ps2 combined. wow! the thing that impressed me was psp sales. Its like a rebirth.

lawman11085677d ago

As I have admitted in the past but I have yet to buy one brand new at $60 bucks. I have RFOM,MLB the Show 07 Warhawk and just tody I picked up Ninga Gaiden Sigma ALL FROM EBAY. The only system I buy new is for the 360 but in all fairness that is for AAA+ games like COD4,Bioshock Dead rising Orange box HALO 3 ect . Sony needs to pack in GAMES and get over trying to push that system as a BR player with some let down of a movie. I know I bash the PS3 ALOT but it EARNED it, I have each system and I have each HD player so I just want GREAT games.

unlimited5677d ago

i can still see the 360 doing good this holiday but PS3 will do very great because a lot of parents is going to see the 40gb that only cost 399 they will quickly grab it for their kids. The hardcore gamers that dont have the ps3 yet will for sure pick up one.. In 2008 this is when the 360 sales will completely fallen off.

sanderFVCKINcohen5677d ago

As an unbiased Xbox fanboy, im still going to get me a PS3, BUT, the only place Ill be getting one is from Ebay, and like the dude that commented above, ill also buy used games from Ebay.

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macsto5677d ago

360 Decimates PS3...AGAIN

Peekay5677d ago

wasn't as bad as september - it will be a very interesting showdown in xmas.

Would you believe that Mr.Williams went to my high school. He was a scrawny little kid when i knew him, but the was still grass cutting and breaking legs of kids 2 x bigger than him.

SmokeyMcBear5677d ago

haha.. every story can viewed in every which way.. i see you chose the ps3 gets dominated instead of 360 sales going down down down.. its all good though. You can say the 360 beat the ps3.. but not sony.. ohhh not sony.. man the ps2 still selling 180k units a month.. the psp with 280k.. seems like sony still has a lot of buyers.. i wonder what all those ps2 owners are going to be buying in years to come.. oh i wonder, because you.. they wouldve bought the 360 now that the biggest game on the planet has been released. Keep that rosy view buddy.. you are gonna need it.

macsto5677d ago

Spin this, 360 outsold ps3 3-1

SmokeyMcBear5677d ago

360 sales down 31%.. hows that for spinning.. you know.. the world is a lot bigger than the US.. i wonder how world wide sales are comparing.. and remember this.. the ps3.. has NO GAMES.. or so some would like to say. So either it does or it doesnt.. your call. Ah.. can't wait for actual games to come out, you know. the DMC, the MGS, the FF, the GT5, the GTA games.. you know.. actual games people are looking forward to.

macsto5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

Hows this? Xbox 360 sales down 31% and STILL decimating PS3 sales. Ouch!

edit @ below

Isnt that what you are doing? Im just stating facts, your saying i'm afraid? Sounds like you are the one thats afraid :)

Edit 2 @ below

Using your logic, then I must not be afraid also, I've got all three consoles.

Edit 3 @ below

So what were you saying again?

Edit 4 @ below

Sure! Add me to PSN, Macsta. :)

beoulve5677d ago (Edited 5677d ago )

I sense the FUD inside Macsto. This is one technique a lot of people used. When he afraid of something, he will made fun of it to brush it off . I think he saw the decline of XBOX 360 sales and PS3 recent boost. He used technique instead. Nice try though, nothing more but to show you are afraid.

Edit: BTW Macsto, I have both XBOX 360 and PS3, so what am i afraid of. You tell me. ;) Just the thing that I can clearly see more than your delusional one consoles rule all FUD.

LOL right, you dont have a playstation 3 but Polystation 3 instead ..........hahaha nice try

@can i borrow your PS3 real quick here. Snap. Done. try again.

WilliamRLBaker5677d ago

lol your attempted ownage sucked and so you bring dishonor to FFT.

You made no point and made no sense.

fredy5677d ago

What a fn Fanboy you are, what a turd.

Your beloved PS3 got owned how about that. Borrows a cousins 360 and said he owns one.


PS360PCROCKS5676d ago

Lmao! Beoulve you got owned, lmao haha

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