Uncharted sneaking into select retailers early?

The highly anticipated Uncharted is joining Ratchet & Clank as yet another high-profile PS3 game that's releasing earlier than expected. Various reports suggest that the game will be available at select retailers tomorrow. In fact, is already shipping the game.

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CrashSharc4959d ago

Just picked it up! I live in Vancouver so if you're from there GO CHECK NOW!!!!

MaximusPrime_4960d ago

if released early in USA, then it should release early in UK. I really want that damn game.

rofldings4960d ago

import it. You speak english: yes. Your currency is worth double ours: yes. PS3 games region free: yes.

go for it. 30 quid.

solar4960d ago

Gamestop called me about 30 minutes ago and left me a voicemail confirming that Uncharted will be available for pickup before by noon Friday the 16th. :D

stickygreen4960d ago

gamestop just called a little while ago. Good thing i have tomorrow off from work!

Sevir044960d ago

and they left a message saying the same thing. which means i'll be playing uncharted tomorrow. yes yes yes.. i cant wait. i'm also getting EOJ today finally and man assassin's creed is awesome. F*k reviews that agme is amazing when i got on the horse i said DAMN... the horse moves like a horse, and the platforming is just like Nathan drake from uncharted. it's freakin amazing.... altair is f*king cool, and the killing mechanics is just awesome. lovely sand box game it's cool. and i like it. a game everyone should get. hopefull AC sells even more on the PS3. because it's definately getting the advertising from sony.

solar4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

hell ya AC is awesome. it started out slow, the curve on the combat system took a bit, but damn am i having fun stabbing people in the face :D i was perched up on a railing, ready to pounce to save a poor citizen in Damascus. after i targeted one of the soldiers, he started mouthing off. oh no he didnt! i leapt off the railing and landed a nice assassin's blade to the face. damn this game is fun :D 5 hours of gameplay for me and i havent even killed the first of the nine yet.

now the dilemma got thicker...AC....SMG....Heavenl y Sword or Uncharted?
its a great time to be a gamer XD

wangdiddy824960d ago

make sure you pick this game up and ratchet if you dont own it.. Both really great games you shouldnt miss out on..

mesh14960d ago

GO CHECK UNBCHARTED on metacritic before buy it as it on 83%atm which ot me does nopt say its aaa ,EVEN rachet is higher rated than uncharted.p.s GO PICK up a 360 and mass effect .

Real gamer 4 life4960d ago

I am going to pick up uncharted and EOJ aswell.

solar4960d ago

its Eye of Judgment the card game.

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The story is too old to be commented.