Nintendo Just Made Sony’s Life Difficult With The Monster Hunter Smash And Grab

Kotaku writes: "The secret to Sony’s success in Japan is summed up in two words: “Monster” and “hunter”. The series has sold millions of PSP copies and millions of PSPs. It looks set to do the same thing. But not for Sony’s latest portable, but for the Nintendo 3DS."

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piroh3298d ago

i don't think so, even MH3 was for Wii and nothing changed

fear883298d ago

Can anyone explain to me why Capcom stock prices fell after the MH4 announcement for 3DS?

Kurylo3d3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

maybe cause dante went emo in their latest devil may cry? or they turned resident evil into socom with operation racoon city?

user8586213298d ago

maybe because it was on a console therefore not portable?

XabiDaChosenOne3298d ago

Things definitily just got interesting, but I think everyone is waiting for the Monster Hunter on the PSVita.

Godmars2903298d ago

Yes, because more than likely they'll be an option and version that's also playable on and between a PS3.

smashcrashbash3298d ago

BS seeing that MH for VITA will most likely be far superior.

FalseAngel03298d ago

Crapcom probably just doesn't want to actually have to make a Monter Hunter with good graphics (HD remakes of PSP games don't count) so they went with a "current gen" platform with last gen graphics.

PygmelionHunter3298d ago

MH4 on the 3DS does NOT have last gen graphics as far a portable game graphics go, i think the game looks pretty good considering that it's probably a very old build still. My only complain with the game is that the current 3DS does not have dual analogs, and I'll be forced to get one this winter...

NESpower3298d ago

It looks really good actually. 3DS has a huge hit with MH4. Anyone trying to spin it, hoping Japan will ignore it on release day, should avoid waking up on that day. Cause like 2 million people will be up that morning and at the

smashcrashbash3298d ago

Unlikely. MH did very well on the PSP, so I am sure they will have no qualms making one for the VITA.

b-real3298d ago

@ smashcrashbash

Of course they'd have no qualms making one for vita. It's whether nintendo has secured exclusive or timed exclusive rights that is the issue.

I find it strangle that they did not mention it at all during Sonys show. even if they had some distant plan to make it, Sony would have at least mentioned it if they could.

coryok3297d ago


the 3ds hardware capabilities are about what the psps are, if thats not last gen then what is?

the 3ds' graphics card has 133mhz of power behind it, the psp graphics card has 166mhz.

the 3ds uses a 2x 266mhz processor, the psp uses a 333mhz processor.

the 3ds just cant push much more onto the screen than the psp can. the visuals of both the psp and 3ds are pretty much the same.

rezzah3297d ago

well said, Im pretty sure that was one of the main reasons why exclusivity of MHTri for the PS3 was switched to the Wii.

yabhero3297d ago

It really disappoints me that people seriously think the 3DS's graphics levels are on par or even close to the PSP's. That shows real ignorance. I want those people to find me a PSP game that looks as good as resident evil revelations 3DS... no takers? What about Monster hunter 3G or 4 for 3DS...
TWIN!!! twin(2,two)ARM11 CPUs clocked at a 266MHz
ONE!!!! a single ONE as in 1 MIPS R4000-based; clocked from 1 to 333 MHz but always limited to 222MHz by sony

PICA-200 maxes out at 800 million pixels per second and 15.3 million polygons per second x2 per cpu so 3o million
2MB video ram
Ranges from 133MHz-400MHz
Embedded Graphics Core:
1-166 MHz (set at 111 MHz by default)
3D Curved Surface and 3D Polygon
Compressed Textures
Hardware Clipping, Morphing, Bone
2MB Video RAM
Rendering Engine and Surface Engine
Pixel Fill Rate: 664 Million pixels per second
Up to 33 Million Polygon/s (with Transform and Lighting)

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meganick3298d ago

Only in Japan where Monster Hunter's an obsession. Everywhere else, not so much.

xX-Jak-Xx3298d ago

kojima Just Made nintento’s Life Difficult With Metal Gear Rising !!!

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