200+ Ultra-High Quality UT3 Shots Showing All Maps

Thanks to an early German release, the joys of game importing and an easy English language patch, Planet Unreal have had a chance to play through Unreal Tournament 3 prior to the North American release date. Planet Unreal have also taken the liberty of grabbing over 200 ultra-high res shots of the game at 1680x1050 resolution with maximum detail, 16xQ anti-aliasing and transparency supersampling.

Behold UT3 in all its glory. These are all in-game shots (no bullshots), and show every map in the game from DeathMatch, CTF, Vehicle CTF and Warfare as well as some action and character customization shots.

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sonarus4928d ago

how many ps3 owners gonna get this. Right now for me its between this and haze. I knw unreal will probably be better cus its epic but i am jst not a fan of overly futuristic weapons i like ma assault rigles and all that with metal bullets not laser beams. really kinda turns me off in a game

Edwin19894928d ago

the question is... which one do I buy FIRST :D

PC demo rocks! I'm gonna get this one for sure :D

drewdrakes4928d ago

Just get both, why not? But you know what i want? REAL TIME REFLECTIONS DAMMIT!

marinelife94927d ago

I just wish it had fully destructible environments so we could have before and after pics.

tocrazed4you4928d ago

If it is gonna get a pre christmas release if not I am gonna get Haze than play that till killzone 2 or ressistance fall of man 2 gets released or announced :D

tosh614928d ago

RFOM 2 was already announced back in Dec. '06 that it will be in development when R&C was done, so its in development right now. They said they are planning for the release around late '08. Also this game will now have VEHICLES.

NRG4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

I don't think you need to worry. While these were taken on the computer, aided with antialiasing and anisotropic filtering, the PS3 version shouldn't be too far off at all. Should be quite capable of the game on what is the computer's equivalent of maximum settings.

I've been following this game for years, as I've been a fan of Epic many years before Gears of War, and I expected a little more out of the final product compared to what these screens look like. But, after playing the demo and actually seen the game for myself on high settings, the game looks a lot more impressive once in motion. As most games do.

Bonsai12144928d ago

For me, Uncharted and COD4 over thanksgiving, UT3 for december. i hope the ps3 version comes near those screenshots in terms of graphical quality.

wil4hire4928d ago

Why is this in the xbox360 side?

There is no build of the 360 game yet.

PS360PCROCKS4928d ago

u really going to start that again? Please dont make me get the article where it CLEARLY states by mark rein that 360 version is delayed because they cant get enough time with Microsoft to figure out the mods feature.

wangdiddy824928d ago

damn so many online games to play..

I swear reviewers need to get a freaking life and stop hating on games with no online multi player like uncharted, ratchet, heavenly sword, and a$$ creed. Certain games are made for online multi player and certain ones are made to have a great single player campaigne.. If every game had online it would be a pain in the a$$ to play everyone and to enjoy the game.. Thats why some game should have it and some games are better off without it..

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The story is too old to be commented.