Xbox 360 Surpasses Total Xbox Sales as Japan's Game Market Climbs in October

GameDaily BIZ has received the latest monthly Famitsu marketing data service report for the period covering October 1 – 28. Although software sales fell by over 14 percent, hardware sales climbed 30 percent, resulting in overall industry growth of 2.2 percent.

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wil4hire6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

Yet the 360 hasn't managed to put a dent in Wii sales.. or the ps2's record for the 2 year mark.

Celebrating non-victory is what xbots are best at. Xbox has no victory over the competition that has been out as long as it has.

The XBOX 1 flopped in japan. Its like how Xbots celebrated a store which had 50 360's getting sold out.

Mr_Kuwabara6034d ago

The 360 isn't trying to break records, the 360 is trying to just sell and that is what it is doing. I don't own a 360 but seriously chill dude, if you want to give a fact or opinion, do it without aggression or insults.

lawman11086034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

360 will OWN the Wii and PS3 in a Christmas BLOOD BATH


jackfatal6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

360 will have a tough competition in USA by ps3 and wii!!
and forget other markets because it has already lost!!
and know this the world is not just USA!!

below me!!
well u r right!! but am hyping by near future ps3 from now!! get it??
am so excited about it!! MAN its a PLAYSTATION 3!! dont forget that!! not 2 but 3!!!

dragunrising6034d ago

Why does it matter who wins? Is your life better if one console or another wins? Tell me there is a business that cares as much about you as you apparently care for your console of choice. Stop being a fanboy. The non-ignorant thing to say would be: The console race is going to be close and unpredictable this holiday. There ya go.

AngryTypingGuy6034d ago

We forget that Microsoft is a new kid on the block. Sony had a huge fanbase before Microsoft entered the scene. They still do, but Microsoft has taken a big chunk of it. If they have already passed Xbox 1 sales in this short amount of time, then it shows definite growth. They will only get bigger over time.

When Sony came out with PS1, they revolutionized gaming. When Xbox came out, Microsoft didn't revolutionize anything (except for having a hard drive in a game console). They were just trying to do what Sony did, but do it better. In my opinion and in the opinion of many (but not in the opinion of everyone, I know, I know) they have succeeded at doing just that.

Filanime036034d ago

LAwman i am sorry but as much as I like the 360 and ps3 I don't think both consoles has a chance on the Wii. I still don't get why people buy this console. I thought the fad would go away in a year but it seems it won't go away and here to stay. So I believe the Wii will win despite ps3 and 360 has better 3rd party games like COD 4, assasins creed, and Orange box.

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ApocalypseShadow6034d ago

at least they arrived at 5,well....at least they arrived close to 500,000 in half the time.in 2 more years,they will hit a million sold in japan.can't wait to see that.

while the other two companies are selling over a million consoles in EACH region in 1 year,lets see if microsoft can pull it off in "FOUR."

in order to win overall,you must sell consoles in EACH region.right now the celebration of a onesided victory will be short lived.

can't get to 100 million that way by selling only to the FPS crowd.but good luck to them.

mag lev..................

jaja14346034d ago

Yet the 360 has more racing/sports/RPG's/Sim games than the PS3. Though I think they are tided on Adventure games. Also the 3 big PS games is *gasp* a shooter. So stop with your stupid as hell "360 is nothing but shooters" crap.

If your going to be a fanboy, at least try and be an intelligent one.

PS3 Limps on and on6034d ago (Edited 6034d ago )

1up.com, someone post it.

season0076034d ago

lets see if it can finally meet 1M ...lol....
and it will probably drop back to 2k/week starting next week...
and opps...if the sale of PS3 take off in Japan..i wonder if it will be able to hit 2k point anymore....

creeping judas6034d ago

quote "resulting in overall industry growth of 2.2 percent."

notice that, industry growth!! thats what we all should be focusing on. But oh no?? the 1st two posts are sony army typical rhetoric, and the 3rd post is typical xbox army rhetoric.

grow up people. competition keeps prices in line. competition allows for innovation in games.