Unboxing the new white 40gb Sony PS3

Product-Reviews writes:

"For those of you who have a nice black Playstation 3 then you might want to check out the White version in the video. The video shows the complete unboxing of the new white 40gb Sony PS3 that has the new rumble dual shock 3 controller.

I have heard some gamers say they should have made the controllers all white like the new psp, do you agree?"

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Gamingisfornerds4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

I wonder what horror movies like Saw trigger these people to do?! Should we ban them as well. While we're at it, let's ban all tv shows and movied that contain violence. That should help! :|

This is just nonsense obviously and a cheap shot at changing the focus of what's really going on.

Most shooting drama's are caused by either religious or political motivations, so let's just ban religion and politics altogether. Voila, problem solved!

Seriously though, this is getting old.

Itachi4926d ago

or just hallucinating

PlayStation3604926d ago

I think Rowland changed the story after Gaming wrote his comment. Gaming was commenting on a completely different topic prior to the change.

Rowland4926d ago

I had to change the story - despite checking & spending time editing it & making it right, TnS then pointed out it was a duplicate. I wish the system would pick these things up.

aiphanes4926d ago

It lights us and stuff...tight!!!

Doppy4926d ago

I was wondering what the blue light was. At first I thought it was a features added to the white PS3's. That would have been nice.

Bonsai12144925d ago

pretty sure its an aftermarket cooler

anyways, i see they changed the protective packaging.. interesting... lol

PStriple7034926d ago

how come the new 40gb in japan are not released with the DS3 controller?

PlayStation3604926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

I may get some disagrees but I prefer the Piano black instead of the white version. I guess cause it looks better with my setup (black TV, darker room, etc.) However, if someone had a white TV, lighter colored TV stand, a lighter colored A/V Receiver (surround sound), maybe the white 360, a brighter room, than hell yeah. That setup would look dope. But for my room, the black one looks better. But oh well, to each his own.

P.S. I think they should have made the controller all/mostly white instead having the black accents.

Edit: @ PS360ROCKS
Seriously, no joke bro. Sony, for 1 example, made an "Oxygen White" Braiva. I kinda like the way it looks.

PS360PCROCKS4926d ago

lol a white TV? I'm pretty sure their are no white TV's, their all gray and black.

dragunrising4926d ago

I know there are Samsung and Phillips tv's that are all white. If I didn't already have a tv I would buy one. I want a white PS3!!!

solidt124925d ago

An all white TV would look cool with a white PS3 or a Wii setup. I like the black PS3 better personally though.

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The story is too old to be commented.