Junkie XL On NFS ProStreet Music Interview

Electronica giant Junkie XL (a.k.a. Tom Holkenborg) knows videogame music, having worked on everything from Forza Motorsport to Quantum Redshift to SSX Blur. His latest assignment was the music for the high-octane multi-platform racing game Need For Speed ProStreet.

In fact, the folks at EA loved the title track of his latest EP, More, so much, they chose it to be the theme song for the game. They also asked Tom to compose some new tracks, which he did with gusto and can be heard while you speed through the racetracks of this fast-paced game.

TheFeed had a chance to chat with Tom about what it takes to be a videogame music composer, how he goes about matching the beats to the action, and some of his past and present projects.

Junkie XL's upcoming album, Booming Back At You, is due out in March, while Need For Speed ProStreet is out this week.

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