Grand Theft Auto IV: First Look

You're probably not going to like Grand Theft Auto IV. Maybe not at first, anyway.

When you find out, for instance, that it won't have airplanes, jetpacks, bicycles, an entire sprawling multi-city state to roam around, or many of the other little features San Andreas managed to cram onto a single DVD, your kneejerk reaction may be, "Well, that sucks."

After all, the delightfully gluttonous excess of the last entry in the lightning-rod Grand Theft Auto series quickly and definitively raised our expectations for what can be jammed into an open-world experience.

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predator4922d ago

some how dont ask me how, i nearly 4got about gta4 (i know absolute nuts) its been quite of late with gta 4 news. US GAMERS WANT SOME GAMEPLAY NEWS ROCKSTAR.

bluhefner4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Your not the only one who nearly forgot. I love GTA and I think GTA4 will be kick ass but games like Getaway, 2D2V, 8 Days, LA Noire, look too impressive to ignore (well atleast for me) and my attention is sorta shifting towards them even though im buying GTA4 day one. So your not the only one.


nothing new here i was expecting some new info wtf is going on rockstar

Kuest4922d ago

Right now the only good news for Rockstar is that it is set to come out (hopefully) within this decade. Other than that... nothing too much to get excited about.

Unless you got GAMEPLAY to show!

ikkokucrisis4922d ago

Eww, it's already sounding like DVD space limitations are at fault for this game getting vehicle gimped...

Kuest4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

just as you have "gimped" this once flame-free thread by making fanboyish comments.


why yes, here they come now.

edit: to panthers

Really? Cite it for me, if you will.

Panthers4922d ago

he makes a point though. IT does seem that way.

murc13lago4922d ago

we will get to buy each item for 5 bucks via download content
well if you choose 2 want 2

with microsoft they give you choices they sure wont force anything on u

Interpol Agent4922d ago

Tell us something we don't know.

Gamingisfornerds4922d ago

Previews of the likes have been posted months ago, and about 500.000 of them.

Either way, I'm hoping to see a new trailer soon. Really looking forward to this game. This should have been my GOTY 2007. :(

Oh well, still plenty games to enjoy fortunately.

RRoDx3604922d ago

Damn you 360! Why did you have to fvck up GTAIV? 360 isn't even a console, it's a heater that reads DVDs.

Honeal2g4922d ago

then accroding to ur logic...people would rather buy an unreliable heater that plays dvd ...than purchase a ps3 ..better yet they would rather buy a non nextgen system like the Wii....basically the more u badmouth x360 the more it makes ps3 look like a peice of $hit (which i dont beleive it is just showing the flaws in ur statement)

Tommie4922d ago

With your crappy CELL processor and lacking memory. Why did you have to fvck up GTAIV?

Seriously dude, get a life

ravinash4922d ago

Hang on, PS3 has the same memory as 360...just split.
maybe you should focus more on why the developers took so long it sorting their $hit out. their were saying it was nearly ready right up till nearly the release date then all of a sudden its next year.
its as if they didn't bother doing the testing until the night before publishing...thats just sloppy.