Who Cares About Mario Anymore?

In an entertaining debate of the merits of Mario Galaxy, two Sarcastic Gamer writers exchange some pretty harsh words about the critically-acclaimed franchise.

From the article: "The funny thing is Myamoto gets called a genius and all he does is recycle the same story, characters, but "innovates" by putting different stuff to jump on in his game. I just don't care about this at all."

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forum_crawler4928d ago

... if you are a Nintendo hating fanboy...

BrotherNick4928d ago


ItsDubC4928d ago

I'm waiting to see who takes the bait.

marinelife94927d ago

A turd in a dress! HILARIOUS! I don't really agree but it was still a great line.

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LGFreedom4928d ago

Read the whole article.

BIoodmask4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

is a legend to the gaming community and also very respected among the development community. Everyone likes to hate on Nintendo for no reason.

They made console gaming what it is today, and pretty much saved the industry when Atari started to die out.

Hate until you are blue in the face. But I would be willing to bet if Sony and Microsoft were asked what top exclusive developer they would love to have on their team but can't. Most of the votes would go to Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario will always be a classic.

tadeot4928d ago

May be innovation, is a terrorist, or mercenary, killing irakians, or other people to take is petrol,or comodities and saying the only god indians are death indians Like HALO and a few god HARDCORE GAMES
Mario is escentially, pure entertainment, with no blood and gore

forum_crawler4928d ago

Mario is as pure fun as it gets. No need for gore or war.

antoinetm4928d ago

Good point there, mario is a classic that all young players should familliar with. As u said, no violence just fun.

that said... /me goes back to playing warhawk

LeonSKennedy4Life4928d ago

He jumps on the heads of mushrooms, turtles, FLYING turtles, Bowser, and there are BOMBS involved!!!

Pure? I think not!

AllroundGamer4928d ago

milking the franchise with little innovation in every new game... just like Zelda, or Metroid.

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The story is too old to be commented.