Valve hardware survey shows Vista slowly gaining ground with gamers

Valve's hardware summary, conducted over its popular gaming platform Steam, can be an interesting snapshot of what gamers are packing in their systems. It's debatable how representative first-person shooter fans are of gamers as a whole, but looking at the results of the survey in relation to last spring's results, there are some interesting trends.

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PimpHandHappy4924d ago

wasnt Valve created by former MS big wigs?

yes it was

and vista has failed because it was to ahead of the times and nothing works with it.

Good to see Valve is still backing their daddy

gamesR4fun4924d ago

After a taste of that os Ive decided to use ubuntu has my 64 bit os free and ten times the performance not to mention way more reliable than any windows system. The only pc games worth buying imo are linux compatible. So Cyris can suck my wang bring on the ut3.

Bnet3434924d ago

It already sold over 60 million copies kid .... yes it sucks, but saying it failed is a stupid thing to say.

xplosneer4924d ago

It's not me that's for sure.

OOG FunK4924d ago

meh not like vista failed....hell its packed in all new pcs now it just will be a matter of time till it is the main OS...thats MS territory

xsteinbachx4924d ago

if your playing games you usally have a MS OS soo either way they've won.... it just depends on when you buy the new OS when yours becomes obsolete.

beoulve4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

bought new notebook that come with vista. Super slow even with 2 gig of rams. Called up the support and support said "Don't worry they received a lot of complain about this." so they sent me XP with $100 coupon free of charge. I'm happy.

gamesR4fun4924d ago

ya nothing sucks ram like Vista glad they gave you their last decent os and free 100$ coupon for wasting your time.

Cat4924d ago

yeah, bunch of my coworkers got a deal on notebooks with vista; they're all using xp now.

Bnet3434924d ago

I suggest you wait for service pack 1

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