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NukaCola3559d ago

No it doesn't it looks generic, poorly written, the graphics look rough. The story is so typical. Waht is this Taken meets Splinter Cell Chaos Theory? The bullet time effect looks crappy. Not one thing about this looked good. Even the asses dancing around at the beginning looked all texture clippy and what not. Plus these choppy framerate slowmo trailers just look bad. This looks bad. I loved the Max Payne series too, but this feels so wrong.

omi25p3559d ago

How the hell would you know if the story is typical? When all we have seen is a short trailer, Also its not out till next year so the graphics that i thought looked good will be improved along with all the effects.

LOGICWINS3559d ago

I disagree with you. The game looks incredible IMO. Also, the new bullet time effect clearly wasn't fully represented in that trailer so I don't understand how you could judge it this early on.

Drekken3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Thanks for your opinion. I can add you to my list of a whole slew of people on this site that have terrible opinions.

Max Payne rocks and I think the trailer looks good. Its pretty amazing how someone can tell all of that detail from a tiny little video.

Sunhammer3559d ago

Yeah, I'm sure if this was a another stupid GTA game about "from rags to riches" you'd be quite comfortable, right? Since you wanna talk about typical.

This looks way better than I'd imagined and easily the best looking Rockstar game ever.

lociefer3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

i say they cancel the project and give it back to remedy 'imo' , they just f'ed up max payne and i dont like that new direction

NukaCola3559d ago

Hate on me all you want. I just don't think the trailer looks impressive. I never said anything about GTA being any better or any R* game for the matter. I forget once you disagree with anything here, one side of the crowd will always bash you.

Ravens203559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Apart from Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games have been very overrated this gen. I'll pass on this until it hits the bargain bin.

Muffins12233559d ago

i acully think the graphics are nice :) But i do think that the script looks poorly written in this trailer.I dont like the voice actor

JokesOnYou3559d ago

Well I don't know what the final verdict will be on this game, lets hope the story manages at least a few surprises, but all things considered I'm not going to say the trailer looks amazing but it does look really good so far.

MarkusMcNugen3559d ago


lulz. Its the same voice actor from the previous Max Payne games.

Solid_Malone3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

LoL, dude, wtf u talkin about? Thats same voice actor from the other Max Payne games.

OT: this looks quite bad, it doesnt follow the theme of Max Payne at all. I'm really disappointed

death2smoochie3558d ago

So Nuka you played the full game to come to that conclusion? Awesome!!! We have another Amazing Kreskin at N4G.COM

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Drekken3559d ago

I think its amazing to be able to jump into the Max Payne universe again. Had so much fun back in the day playing this game.

I wouldn't call this trailer amazing, but it looks good and I want to see more.

StanLee3559d ago

Can you say Man on Fire? That was a rubbish Denzel Washington movie. This just looks like rubbish period.

CRAGE1873559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

It says Max Payne on it. Obviously what will happen now is all the fan boys will gush pearls of man love all over their monitors, gooing up the screen making it impossible to see all the mediocrity behind it.

You can also replace Max Payne with - Nintendo - Xbox - Ps3 - Apple - World Of Warcraft etc. etc. and it would still pertinent to the point.

fluffydelusions3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I have fond memories of the original on PC. Not sure how I feel about this. Why does he look like some overweight trailer park trash now?

C L O U D3559d ago

Max seems to suffer from depression...

Im looking forward to this...although its not true to the film noir type style as the previous titles...I do expect a good outcome out of this one...a very interesting one...

Eamon3559d ago

I played only a bit of the first game a long time ago when it was released on Xbox and PC.

Is it worth going back to play for the story and gameplay? I finished Alan Wake and I thought its story was pretty good.

MarkusMcNugen3559d ago


Yes, its totally worth it. Just within the last 2 months I beat the first and second Max Payne games again for probably the 4th time. Story and gameplay are still amazing.

Ayepecks3559d ago

I don't care what it looks like, it doesn't look anything like Max Payne to me.

This could end up being a good game, don't get me wrong. But there's no reason to slap the Max Payne name on it when you're taking all the story elements out of the game, like Far Cry 2 did.

To all the people saying 'we haven't seen the full story though!': so you think Rockstar is trying to mislead us with the storyline by giving us this trailer? You think they're just going to add back all the elements from the original game, even though this one takes place thousands of miles away?

rocky0475863559d ago

Uh why not? Games can do that you know? Take you on a journey through flashbacks? Flash forwards? Stop with your backwards thinking and get over yourself, this game can be just as good as the older Max Payne games and I think it will be. The story can take all kinds of twists and turns and a one and a half minute trailer isn't going to show you that, naturally. There ARE pics of him in NYC just to shut you up too, so yeah, I DO think that Rockstar can mislead us into thinking that we're only going to be in one location when, in fact, we'll be in diverse locales spanning several dark and ominous routes that will take you back to what made Max Payne so special in the first place.

Ayepecks3559d ago

@rocky047586: Having an opinion means I need to "get over [myself]"? Please. Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn't mean I need to get over myself. Get a grip.

I have seen the pictures of Max Payne in New York, so please don't patronize me. There is also a brief clip of that in this video, if you didn't catch it. It would be extremely odd for Rockstar to release a trailer that isn't indicative of the storyline in the actual game.

Because, ya know, misleading Max Payne fans to thinking it's going to be a drastic departure in terms of story and tone is a great way to keep your customers.

MarkusMcNugen3559d ago

Ill make my final decision after the game has been released but at the current moment, Im not happy with the trailer either, or the story and character for that matter. Its like they took everything I loved about the Max Payne games and just ripped it apart.

I hope it will be a good game, but Im not confident since Remedy isn't developing the game.

Solid_Malone3559d ago

@ayepecks & MarkusMcNugen, i totally agree with you guys. I wish remedy were workin on this series.

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lelo2play3559d ago

Yes, it does look good.

Imagine when the PC modding community gets through with this, it will look much better. They will even give Max Payne some hair in the parts that he's bold :)

Spitfire_Riggz3559d ago

Lol I wonder.. the part where he says having a bad hangover and he shaves his head but keeps the beard...

Looks just like zach galifinakis from the hangover

ReservoirDog3163559d ago

They kept the music I absolutely loved from Max Payne 2 so they win nostelga points from me for that.

Other than that, it seems odd. Pretty odd but R* have not only not done me wrong this gen, they've given me at least 2 of my favorite games this gen. So I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Don't let me down R*. Love Max Payne and R* so let's hope they mesh well in MP3.

TheFreak3558d ago

This does not look like a max payne game at all.

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WhiteLightning3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Did anyone think that when it got to 28/29 seconds with the people kind of just ruined the moment of that great doom and gloom intro and song (although they couldn't even use a new theme song, I'm pretty sure it's the same one from Max Payne 2)

Looks like another amazing Rockstar game but....sorry to say it just didn't really feel like Max Payne. Why the hell did he shave his hair off, I thought he lost it over time but they made him do it on purpose. I want it to feel like I'm playing Max, not another bald brute.

RoboRyan3559d ago

I agree, it definitely doesn't feel like the same Max Payne. I enjoyed the film noir visuals of the first two games, and this trailer makes it look like it's moving toward a more generic action game style. Actually, the only thing about the trailer that makes it feel like a MP game is bullet time. I don't think the game looks bad, and I guess some of the changes can be chalked up to character and story progression, but it seems like it could be a new IP instead of Max Payne 3.

WhiteLightning3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

May aswell set it in Russia in the 1950s and called it Agent. Then let people see a true Max Payne game off Remedy.

Does anyone else find it funny how this trailer is all over...and I'm not talking about games sites I'm talking about general news or film websites. I didn't think people outside the gaming world were that interested in Max Payne. However I hate how fake they sound, saying how it feels like the old games....sorry but it really dosen't.

Blaze9293559d ago

Whatever, all you have to do is put Rockstar Games on the box and I'd be buying. Day 1 confirmed.

FEARprototype3559d ago

man. payne looks nothing like his ps2 counterpart. the should've been expected...^^

scotchmouth3559d ago

Agreed. Totally better graphics :D

MarkusMcNugen3559d ago

Im not exactly positive what your getting at with this comment, but Ill take a shot in the dark.

If your referring the differences between the character from Max Payne 1 and 2, its because Sam Lake used his own face for Max in the first game. Then when they made the second game he wanted to use a real actor, especially since the tech for making third-person games grew a lot since the first title.

If your referring to this new character looking nothing like the Max from Max Payne 2, its because Rockstar changed the story very drastically from what the previous 2 games were like. So with such a large change in the story, Im sure they wanted to update the characters looks, age him, and make him try to fit the new story they have developed.

Either way, I personally am not a fan of a new bald, old man Max Payne.

NYC_Gamer3559d ago

I am not impressed the whole dark noire vibe is gone.sure the game could turn out good but it's not the max payne sequel I have wanted.