The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will have over 100 mins of cinematic cut scenes

Coming from the official Skyward Sword Facebook page.

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eagle214207d ago

I can't wait for this holiday hit! Can you believe Oct./Nov./Dec. is so close? I don't even have to read a review, I'm buying this game! :)

crxss4207d ago

really hope someone makes a compilation of gameplay and cutscenes to make a zelda skyward sword movie like konami did for mgs3 existence.

TitanUp4207d ago

does this game have voice overs?

Mario4life4207d ago

i dont think so, but i always perfered text boxes in nintendo games, and they at least added in orchestrated music so it sounds good to me

Pozzle4207d ago

I'm guessing the characters will make the same random noises that they always do.

(Which is fine by me. I couldn't imagine a LoZ game with proper voice acting).

Eamon4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Hmm I reckon the next Zelda title on Wii U will have to have some sort of voice over.

Whether it would go the Shadow of Colossus route with fake language voice over with subs or actual Jap/Eng voice overs is another question.

But Link will stay silent.

ConstipatedGorilla4207d ago

I love the Zelda series, but I really don't know if I can get excited about these Nintendo games anymore, with their wacky controls. I just want to use a regular controller dammit! I'll probably end up getting it though...

TheDivine4207d ago

Awesome i think zelda should have a great story with many cutscenes, hopefully this is it! Id like deeper combat though without the stupid wiimote. Id enjoy blocking and swinging more akin to demons souls. It looks like this game does that, the combat looks great so far. This may be relatively ugly on my hdtv but it has the best artstyle in any game ive seen in a LONG time. Im really hyped but il admit its hard for me to play most wii games because i feel like im back in the ps2 days despite how great they are.