Tales of Xillia sells 525k; PS3 top selling hardware in Japan this week

Check out Media Create Sales: Week 36, 2011.

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Canary3778d ago


Localization, please.

disturbing_flame3778d ago

Ok now NAMCO knows that working with playstation in Japan can really be a good business.

In fact NAMCO, KONAMI and SQUAREENIX did some pretty good scores with their games on PS3 : Tales of Xilia, MGS 4 or FF XIII were all successful.
They really neglected this platform on this generation, but the customers always remained present when exclusives were out on PS3.

Now NAMCO must understand that they must develop an international version of their games while developing them for Japan market.
A worldwide realease for Xilia would have been the smartest move they have done on this generation.

DaTruth3778d ago

The smartest move they made was publishing Dark Souls!

But they stole that move from Atlus! Namco must have offered From more investment money, which means a better game, which means I'm on board!

Imagine what Demon's Souls would have been without that shoestring budget!

kreate3777d ago

well i hope u pre-ordered tales of graces.
buy some extra copies and give it to all ur rpg friends while ur at it :D

Da One3776d ago


can't steal something that's not yours

NatureOfLogic3778d ago

It's game over for Xbox360 japan.

dark-hollow3778d ago

Since when there was a game to over for the 360 In Japan?

Godmars2903778d ago

There were a few weeks early on when it was hitting 20K a week.

Didn't last long but they were there.

Infernostew3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Edit: whoops. Misread your post. Carry on.

Vgameman3778d ago

... yeahhh, I'd say it's some for a localization Bamco!

K? K. :)

Vgameman3778d ago

yiiiikes, *time*

Sorry about that.

petko233778d ago

great job sony. dark souls soon, ni no kuni in november and ff XIII-2 in december

PSX993778d ago

Also Ace combat and idol master.

Hicken3778d ago

Call of Duty has a Dub(bed) edition.

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