US PSN Store Update - No Haze write:

"Well the PSN Store update today is…not exactly disappointing, it's just that well, it's disappointing. We were foolishly expecting Haze on the EU store, but they only got an old Stranglehold demo, and the US Store doesn't get much better."

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bym051d4930d ago

Methinks that Toy Home is the closest we'll get to Home for a while.

Xemnas4930d ago

The funny thing is that your probably right =.='

4930d ago
kalel1144930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Or The Dark Knight trailer?
Edit: They fixed it.

techie4930d ago

It says Knight, so I'm guessing...Knight lol

Rythrine4930d ago

Is this the sequel for Batman? I'm pretty sure it's called "The Dark Knight".

SeanScythe4930d ago

yeah it is the next batman movie with the joker and twoface

Rythrine4930d ago

Thanks, man. Sweet. It will be my first movie trailer download. Bubbles for you, bro.

monkey6024930d ago

Cool the new Batman trailer that was really unexpected, Must download that and check it out.

Bolts4929d ago

I pitty the guy who has the misfortune of playing the Joker. Having to top Jack Nicholson is virtually impossible.

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jackdoe4930d ago

Well, only the most foolish expected a Haze demo to come out of the blue. It was a rumor from a Spanish site that some people blew out of proportion.

techie4930d ago

Yeah, those some people are Dik Heads!

Rythrine4930d ago

I think Haze demo will be out in two weeks before it gets released. Well, here's hoping.

BrianC62344930d ago

Don't believe anything you read on the Web. The Webi is great if you like rumors. Too bad that's all most of the reports are. I bet a lot of people will be mad at Sony and Ubisoft now. And they never said a Haze demo was coming.

God of Gaming4930d ago

Just got my PS3 last night, was hoping for something new. Although I have plenty to download yet...

Rythrine4930d ago

I highly recommend Drake demo. You won't be disappointed

monkey6024930d ago

Welcome to the world of PS3 my friend. Enjoy

dantesparda4930d ago

I got one on 11/07. And i wanna know a few things.

1.) Can the controller be charged while the system is off? (i doubt it)

2.) Can the controller be set-up to shut off when its not in use for a certain amount of time?

3.) Can more than one network settings be put in like in the Wii? Cuz if i take it to somebody elses house, i have to set up the settings to connect to their router, then when i come back home i have to re-input my settings for my router. It seems like it only likes one setting so far

wind_dragon4930d ago

1. no...if it does, ive never noticed, because i can charge my bluetooth when its on standby., jus turn it off when ur not using it. it takes a while for the battery to die anyway.
3.yes, u can have multiple configurations. i think. if the PSP can do it then so can the PS3.

BrianC62344930d ago

Did you get any games with your new PS3? If you did forget the demos. With all the great games out now I don't care about demos. The Uncharted demo is great though.

God of Gaming4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

No games yet guys, still getting used to the interface and trying to download demos, which seems to be taking forever. I really like some of the media options but after playing around with it and being very familiar with the 360 I really think all gamers should push to have both of these consoles. They are not at all alike and I am really digging that. Oh yea, blu ray = Holy crap! My HDTV has never been so happy.

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