Tales of Xillia Sells Over 500,000+ Copies In Its First Week

Tales of Xillia has been on sale for almost a week now since it's September 8th release, which means one thing: sales figures have been released. And Namco Bandai should be pleased --- the game sold over 500k in sales in its first week alone.

(Please note that this isn't related to these are the actual Media Creates sales figures.)

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fluffydelusions3777d ago

Nice numbers. I guess this game is JP only though right?

ShawnCollier3777d ago

As of right now, yes.

This wouldn't be announced until Graces f's release next year if it was localized.

gaffyh3777d ago

That's pretty, wow. I did say a few years back that Tales had a huge name in Japan and that Vesperia should have released day and date for PS3. Here's a comparison of first week sales:

Tales of Vesperia: 106,500
Tales of Graces: 140,000
Tales of Xillia: 526,000

Namco = Stupid.

TheMyst3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Maybe now these Japanese companies will stick to PlayStation platforms and stop supporting a dead console. Take for example SE, I'm pretty sure that by releasing FFXIII on 360, they thought it would do millions in NA (especially considering the 360's 28 million+ units sold in NA) yet only barely reached a million lifetime.

It's obvious 360 owners (or the majority) don't give a crap about JRPGs so why continue flocking to the 360 when it'll just be a bust. Seriously, if I were SONY, I'd put a lot more pressure on SE. They own a good amount of SE and SE gets most of their Sales from Playstation.

They need PS more than PS needs them and I'm sure if SONY suddenly dropped support for them SE would die overnight. The 360 crowd ain't supporting anything that doesn't involve mindless shooting.

IF FFXIII stayed exclusive it would have sold more because SE would have had SONY's full support, the PS fanbase would have given full support, and SE wouldn't have had to delay and spend money on the 360 version. The 1 million the 360 got them would easily have been replaced.

EDIT: @NYC_Gamer

Yea man, they made profit but as I said, those 1 million they sold on 360 could have been sold on PS3 had it remained exclusive. Let's face it, exclusives get both MUCH more attention and normally sell better. Had it remained exclusive, they would also have gotten SONY's full support. What I'm saying it, their wasting their time on the 360 just because of their capricious mindset. For one reason or another they're in love with MS even though every single 360 game they've released has bombed.

Fact is, this Japanese companies expected to sell millions in the west by supporting MS when in fact they didn't even come close. They are no crawling back to SONY. It's clear the 360 audience doesn't care and the only reason FFXIII even did a million was because of the massive hype MS created over the exclusive to multiplat change.

NYC_Gamer3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Why should they?they made profit from both versions that's reason for the multi's better for them to support both consoles in the western market.

mephman3777d ago

Glad Namco finally learnt their lesson about which console they should support.

ShawnCollier3777d ago

Not porting = better sales. Who would have guessed? xd

sashimi3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Well even with ports, Tales of Vesperia on the Ps3 sold almost double of what it sold on the 360 in its first month and it was Japan only. Which i'm still waiting for in NA.

Godmars2903777d ago

Just now learning it you mean.

Going by VGchartz Xillia is 60k shy of matching Vesperia's 360 worldwide sales.

Now they just have to put it out in the West.

chidori6663777d ago

best Tales game period in this gen? hell yes!

now bring tales of xillia to the west Namco!

perfectCarbonara3777d ago

Woah, that's just Xilly


tiffac0083777d ago

Bamco take my cold hard earned cash and localize this baby already!

Godmars2903777d ago

What's pretty much ridiculous is if the game does too well in Japan they can use that as justification not to release it in the West.

tiffac0083777d ago

That would be the saddest excuse I will ever hear if they do that. :(

So here's to hoping they would do the opposite and release this baby to us because it did well in the land of the rising sun! :D

Think Positive! (Okay it probably doesn't help but there is nothing else we can do) lol! XD

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